Disney Wonder Day 2

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    Mar 1, 2001
    Woke up at 6 am, Went up to watch the sun come up and the docking at Castaway. It is a beautiful time of the morning. If you are an early riser try to get up early to see sights that are truly memorable. We had breakfast at Tritons. Here you get cooked meals rather than Buffet style. It is the best place for breakfast. We got ready to leave for Castaway Key. Take my advice and don't join the crowds waiting to be the first ones on the beach. This is your vacation. Crowds and pushing you can save for when you get back home. We left the ship about45 minutes after the first wave hit Normandy. Believe me 45 minutes after the first group got there was delightful. Tons of lounge chairs with unbrellas. Don't rush, RELAX. You don't need seven hours of 90 degree heat. The beach was beautiful. We went snorkeling. Do not put sun screen on your face if you plan on going under water. Eyes do not do well with salt water and sun screen. They burn.
    After snorkeling we walked over to the Barbaque and had a good lunch. The wife went to get some sun, the kids checked in to the kids programs and guess what this lazy bum did? I walked back to the ship. I took the most delightful nap and loved it. Remember to rest. Don't get neurotic on me and think you have to keep going like the energizer bunny. The second day listen to your body. You will be exausted from travel and all of the stresses that come with worrying about things you have no control over.
    About four pm the family returned. We went up to deck nine and had some ice cream, played ping pong and watched to ship take off for Nassau.
    At 630 we went to see the show Hercules which was mediocre but the Cruise Director spent some time introducing our ships Captain and crew. It was very nice.
    After the show we got ready for dinner. Our 830 dinner was wonderful. It was at Animators Palate. Our servers treated my kids like Princes. Late seating in my humble opinion is the way to go. Your are much more hungry and you dont have to rush. Our kids did fine eating late.
    We are not party people so we steered away from the nightclub and drinking scene. We did go to dueling Pianos which was about 30 minutes of fun. OFF to bed. Nassau tomorrow and was it great. Dennis
    Don't Worry, Be Happy

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