Disney Wonder Day 1

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    Mar 1, 2001
    After five days in Disney World and the Polynesian we loaded up the rental car about 10 am on Sunday the 3rd and headed to Canaveral. Got there with no trouble. The Baggage folks are waiting for you and they took our luggage out of the trunk and sent them on their way. I left the wife a kids at the Port and returned the car to Budget just a few miles away. Budget took me right away over to the Terminal. Since the Disney Resort takes care of all the paperwork there was not much for us to do except walk around and get on line when it was time.
    My only dissapointment planning the trip was that there was no Veranda's left when we made reservations BUT
    I walked over to the check in desk and asked the Supervisor if there were any cancelations for a better state room. She said there was one on deck 8 with a Veranda but it would cost me an extra 600.00 dollars. I said what the heck and gave her my credit card. The boarding was a breeze. We went up to Deck 9 and had a buffet while the rooms where getting ready. At 130 we entered our room and loved it. Our room Steward was on the floor and greeted us and gave us all the information we needed.
    Our dinner rotation was on our room card. Since we have two boys 9 and 11 our rotation was Tritons. Animators. and two nights at Parrot Key. We had the late seating each night which I prefered. We chose the last night for Palo's at 8pm. I walked down to make reservations expecting a line but there was none. Most of the advice on lines at different places never materialized, so stop worrying!! We had a few hours to kill before the Life Boat drill. We went swimming and explored the ship. Most folks seem to arrive at the ship late and are not aware of the benifits of early arrival. So don't fret about rushing. It isn't nesscessary.
    The ship is amazing. We went to dinner at Triitons and the food was superb. As many of you have mentioned the servers make you feel like kings. They are so good and so friendly it is a joy. We had Ashu from India and Suri from Thailand. They do everything for you and your children. We saw the show and enjoyed it . After dinner we went back to the Stateroom and just relaxed. I spent alot of time on the Veranda just looking out on Gods beautiful ocean. Let me just say before I finish for the night that if it is your first cruise you have and advantage. Many of the compaints I hear and continue to hear are from folks who have taken other cruises. I guess it is human nature to get spoiled and compare one cruise to another. For those of us who are first timers everything is beautiful and enchanting. If you have taken other cruises on ships of elegance and beauty I suspect the only thing you might be a bit dissapointed in would be the food. I only say that because that seemed to be the common theme amongst friends we met on the cruise. I thought the food was superb. I grew up in New York and have eaten in many a wonderful restuarants so I think I have pretty good standards. OK maybe the Norwegiian ships pamper you with Lobster and other fine foods but believe me you will enjoy every meal on the Wonder. I will share with you about our first day tomorrow. Our shedule was a bit different because of the Holiday in Nassau. Our first stop was Castaway Key. Talk to all of you tomorrow Dennis
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    I really enjoyed your Day 1 report. Can't wait for more. I wish my hubby would upgrade us, too, that easily, but I'm just glad to be on board. Inside room, by the way.


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