Disney Wonder b2b review March5-12 day 1

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    Disney Wonder Review

    Back to Back cruise March 5th-March 12th

    This was my 2nd and 3rd Disney cruise on the Wonder. On my first cruise back in September of 2005 I had received such great level of service that I had decided to cruise on her again.

    This time I took my girlfriend on the first part and my husband was going to join me on the 3 day cruise. We have cruised other lines before but like this one the best for various reasons.

    Day One:

    Since we live close to the port <3hrs> my husband drove me up to Port Canaveral with a stop in St. Pete to pick up my girlfriend. On the way there I discovered my husband hat forgotten to put back my disc into my camera so we had a stop at a Target Store to pick up a disposable camera.

    He dropped us off and we made it into the terminal and through the lines without much hassle. They do have a special line for repeat customers. It was nice to see my friends face and reactions to the ship throughout the week. Needless to say she is hooked and ready for another one!

    Once onboard it was an "odd" feeling to be back. But in a sense it was very cool to know where everything is. We had lunch at Parrot Cay and I remembered from my last cruise that they had an awesome chocolate cake. Lunch was very good and my friend was amazed at all the different food offerings. We were given late seating and I had to be at a specific place by 1pm to change the dinner time. After we ate I left my friend at Parrot Cay and I made my way down to the designated spot. It was different from last time. This time they had computers with "ready slips" and changed the times right then and there. No waiting game to see if we made it to another seating. I was also able to book brunch at the pay restaurant Palos. I had already made dinner reservations online before we boarded the ship.

    After that I headed back to Parrot Cay and I told someone how much we liked the cake and on our last cruise we could never again find this cake. The waiter declared from now on I would have a piece of chocolate cake every night at dinner. He told me they only serve this kind of cake on the first day of the cruise. What service! We took our time drinking coffee and tea and just enjoyed sitting there. At Disney staterooms are ready at 130pm so we headed upstairs to put our carry on luggage in and meet our stateroom attended Christina.

    What a nice lady! I told her I would be staying the entire way and gave her something extra for her help and care. Our stateroom was an inside and the same stateroom that we had on our pervious cruise in September. My friend thought it was very large and we had plenty of room for our stuff. I put my suit case under the bed without a problem.

    After that we went downstairs and I opened up a e-mail account for $39.90 for the 4 day cruise. We had looked over the navigator and had no interest to see the Magic show. As a matter of fact I did not see one single show the entire 7days. I had seen them on my previous cruise and just wanted to relax.

    At 4pm we had the muster drill and after that we headed on deck to join the Sail away celebration. My friend had tons of fun and we looked down to the Family pool and watched all the kids dancing. It was very nice. I had scheduled a facial for my friend and she went to the Spa. I managed to schedule a Lime&Ginger Salt Glow treatment for later that evening for myself. My friend enjoyed the treatment and after that we had dinner at the pay restaurant Palos. This is by far the best place to eat on the entire ship and for a surcharge price of only $10 p. per this is also the best deal. Our waiter was Michael and he was the best waiter we ever had on a ship. My friend had veal chops and I had steak. Cooked perfect, taste 100%! I told our waiter that I was doing a back to back and my husband and I would have dinner at Palos again on Thursday and I wanted him again as a waiter. No problem, they arranged it. I also asked him to have a specific bottle of champagne ready for said dinner and he promised it done. The dessert was very good. We ordered a chocolate souffle and Gelato. We left him a generous tip and I must say the service was the best I ever had on a ship! Palos is on Deck 10, overlooking the ocean and a very relaxing place.

    After that I had my spa appointment and it was very nice. This ended our day and next up was Nassau!
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    :cool1: Well it sounds like your trip is off to a great start...looking forward to the rest of your report.....

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    Ditto! :Pinkbounc

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