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Discussion in 'Disney Rewards Programs' started by tithonia88, Jun 12, 2003.

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    May 7, 2003
    Hi friends! I am a total newbie. This is my first post ever anywhere. I thought that I had researched a little bit of information that might be helpful to others. I signed up for the Disney Visa Card in March. I have been using it ever since to rack up points. I want to use these points to offset the cost of Hopper Passes for my October Disney World Trip. I have just about enough to purchase a child's 4 day hopper pass. My question was, do I redeem the points for Disney Store Certificates or for Disney World Certificates? The difference is in the price of the passes. If I go to the Disney Store, a child's 4 day hopper is $161.88 with Florida tax. If I wait and go to DW and purchase at the gate, the price is $167 before tax. I called my local Disney Stores and they have had no one come in and use the Disney Store Certs. yet to purchase park tickets... They weren't sure that they could do it... I called the Disney Visa and talked to a few folks and they checked for me. I can use my Disney Store Certs. to buy Park Passes. Has anyone done this yet? I am inclined to cash in my points for the Disney Store Certs. and then go buy my pass. I just think it may take work to get the Disney Store folks to ring it up. I did suggest to the Customer Service folks at the Disney Visa that it would be great, and my problem would be resolved, if the points that were earned could be used to purchase tickets over the internet (pre purchased tickets are discounted). It was indicated to me that in the future there may be more options for spending earned rewards... I don't know what that means exactly BUT that is what he told me. Thanks. I enjoy reading this website.

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    I haven't done this yet. I'm waiting until it's closer to our trip to cashout, but I might use them to buy passes (well, part of a pass). But since I will probably have only $70 or so by then, I might just get the certs to use for food at the parks and buy my pass with my Disney Visa at the DS.

    I guess if the folks at Disney Visa said it's okay to use them at the Disney Store to buy passes, then it should be okay. Can you get the name of someone that the CM/Manager can call when you're ready to buy them? It's possible that just a lot of people haven't cashed out for actual certs/cards yet, and that's why nobody has tried to do it yet.

    I agree that they really should have CLEARER information when it comes to what we can use them for where.

    Good luck whatever you decide! And congrats on have so many to spend!

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