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Earning My Ears
Aug 8, 2017
I requested a refund on July 31st and I have not received it yet. Disney said on their end that it has been sent so does that mean it should be in my account or it could take some time. Or is it bank where might take addiontal time or should I have it already. I have no idea what's going on. Also the debt card I used to pay with I don't use anymore I had to get a new debt card so idk if that is an issue. But they said it should be fine and that since same bank I'll be fine but idk why it's taking forever. Thanks


Oct 27, 2011
Did you get the refund yet? It could very well be a bank issue -- in general it can take some time for refunds to be recorded, though I don't know why. It could also be taking longer due to the change in debit card, though presumably if you kept the same bank account number and it's simply a new debit card number that shouldn't cause too much disruption. I can't speak specifically to how the refunds are processing for the Vacation Account closings, but there is a thread on the Budget Board and someone there may have experience to share.


Kevin Parent

Earning My Ears
Jan 1, 2017
Funding between banks can take between 7-10 business days (2 weeks) when it's a transaction of this type.

Had an experience similar to this last year with another company, the bank that backed everything took 30 days after the transactions were placed to execute the transfer to my bank. They noted due to the high number of people it was causing delays. (But that was one of the reasons the company was discontinuing to work with the bank that was backing their stuff)

I'd recommend waiting the full 2 weeks, and at least an additional week.
If you still have not received it after 30 days, request a wire transfer trace. (I think that's what it's called)
The transactions are FDIC insured so no matter what the banks involved will make sure it get there.


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