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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by jaysue, May 24, 2003.

  1. jaysue

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    Nov 24, 2002
    Returned back from a "carless" trip to WDW, spent three nights at OKW and three nights at CR, used Disney transportation almost exclusively (used a cab one night to get to DTD from BWI/BWV since we had just missed the bus).

    It was great and we used I believe every transportation vehicle type they have: Bus, Both Monorails, Ferryboat, Resort Boat Launch, Epcot boat (only one we did not use was boat to MGM since we walked from the Boardwalk to MGM). My DS (3 1/2) really got a kick out of taking the different types of vehicles.

    Anyways, the only time we waited more than 15 minutes was during a rainstorm coming out of MGM going back to OKW - other than that, the waits were always fairly fast. I explained to my DS that the people on the bus/boat etc. were all part of a coummunity travelling to the same fun place and he got a kick out of that as well.

    He loved speaking to people as well that were on the buses especially when there were fewer of them and he also took the opportunity to fall asleep for afternoon naps as well.

    We made a game out of travelling - for example one morning I said we are going to a water park - BB or TL - DS said which one, and I said whichever special bus comes first (he thought that was funny and laughed about the special bus all morning)

    Another day we grabbed the bus to MGM and after a short visit went on the bus to Epcot, walked through to the BC, grabbed a bus to DTD and then after a visit took the bus back to the Poly and then went on the resort monorail around the loop twice to the CR and was able to sit in the front which was awesome!!!

    After sitting in the front, DS thought he could sit in the front all of the time :eek:.....

    Anyways, the transportation system was efficient, clean and lots of fun, the drivers were friendly and helpful and next time, even though we will have a car, we will probably not use it much

  2. Miscrapper

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    May 14, 2003
    Thanks for sharing your positive experience. My Dad always marveled at how efficiently Disney moved people into MK!
    Most of are just in a hurry to "get there"!

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