Disney Termination turn around


Earning My Ears
May 14, 2020
I just have a question about whether or not it is possible to change a rehire status and if so how to do it. I worked on the CRP program in Canada for 2 contracts and then I went to work on Disney Cruise Line. I was terminated from the cruises (not going to get into it) because of a false accusation. I now have a no rehire status. But can prove that it was false and all is well. Would I be able to have that no rehire turned around or not?


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Dec 15, 2003
If you search Youtube there are a number of people who have posted about getting removed from the "no rehire" list.



Earning My Ears
Dec 11, 2016
Why would you want to be rehired by a company that fired you? I've never understood this.
Maybe they just had bad management, or were a bad fit, in one particular location, but enjoyed working for the company as a whole. Disney is a HUGE company with lots of different job roles. Maybe someone didn't perform well in one job, but would be a great fit for another role in a different division. Someone who was fired from a cruise line based on what they see as a bad management choice from their local managers on that ship might have no problem at all working at a resort hotel, or retail location, under completely different management.

If Joe was fired from landscaping because he sucked at mowing grass, but then went to school and got a hospitality degree, he would have no problem wanting to apply to work in a hotel leadership position based on new skills.... its not like Joe would be doing the same job or working with the same people from his landscaping days.


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Oct 25, 2013
Hey! Do you use Facebook? I highly recommend joining the group "Restricted Rehire/Self-Term Ohana." There are a lot of really great stories and advice from people who have successfully contested their rehire status. It might take a little bit of work on your end, but this group is so helpful and supportive. Good luck!


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