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Discussion in 'Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Museum' started by ForeverWDW, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. ForeverWDW

    ForeverWDW Mouseketeer

    Sep 18, 2006
    I've been pouring over the Internet this last week and as always random thoughts come to mind. Seems us as Disney fans refuse to let go of out virtual oasis. Disney on the other hand wants to expand, branch out and conquer more territories and understandable so. Its a big virtual world out there just rip for the picking. But, and hear me out, what about combining the two worlds VMK and Disneys other sites? Go for it Disney and make VMK the central hub for all your new games you want us to join. You know what? I might try a few and I know my kids would be wanting to join too. Make links to your games. POTC could have a doorway in the VMK's potc lobby for those of us who cant seem to ever get enough Argg! and cannons. Club Penguin you say? What better place then a doorway with dear old Yeti. Ah lets not forget Cars.. the drive in would be perfect. Who cant help but picture Tink next to the castle? You see we kids and parents crave all those wonderful Disney qualities we hold dear to our hearts. Disney you never realized what it meant to us when it partnered up with Sulake and made us a virtual Disney we could visit and enjoy everyday rain or shine. But use this Disney, use that virtual world we are so strongly fighting for. We need a place to connect, to be with friends and family. No matter what kind of advertisements you put out there its word of mouth that gets kids (and yes even adults) to try your games. What better word of mouth could you get then your more then 250,000 active users? But here's the best part, Some of those other worlds take penguin for example would want to venture into VMK to check us out and in turn find your other online games say .. Cars? Now you got our kiddos begging for another paid subscription so they can play cars with their friends.

    This would eliminate so many frustrations both sides are feeling right now. As a parent I trust in Disney to keep the online worlds you promote safe and secure. Knowing that my kids where in your own virtual community playing safe, fun, age appropriate games would be a big relief. But the possibility of losing VMK for my kids saddens them more then you realize. Their friends are from all over the world, different backgrounds, ages, likes and dislikes. One thing we all share in common is the love of the parks. You brought the parks home to us with VMK. Now connect both worlds and you have a big possibilities both in terms of money and memberships. You have used VMK as your advertisements for movies, rides, and attractions all these years. Why stop now?? Continue with Sulake and figure out a way to make things right again. Continue VMK as it should be but use it to your own advantage. Use it to lure us into your other games (side note I have to add Other games that are more of a promotional game then VMK was ever intended to be ). Speaking as an avid VMKer that had rooms filled to the breaking point with POTC posters and skeleton monkeys, your advertisements do work, and yeah we all visit your sites when you promote them there. But the thing that is lacking that can only be found in VMK is the sense of community, imagination, and friendships even though we dont always have the same likes and dislikes. I would hate to ever see VMK change. We as a family enjoy all the times we spend talking to friends, building rooms, making our own quests, and waiting in line to see our favorite Hosts. Vmk should continue to grow and build as it always has but I would also welcome the opportunity to visit your other worlds and would enjoy seeing my kids try them out too.

    I ask that you please consider this. As I'm typing this I am trying to figure out how much money in memberships I will need for my kids.. sigh. But if it means we are all happy it's worth it, right?
  2. cteddiesgirl

    cteddiesgirl <font color=deeppink>Not invisible to the Tag Fair

    Sep 5, 2005
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  4. Amber_Kait

    Amber_Kait Mouseketeer

    Feb 20, 2008
    fantastic :-)
  5. Dream Flower

    Dream Flower Mouseketeer

    Feb 8, 2008
    Excellent ideas! :thumbsup2 If only Disney can realize/care just how much VMK means to so many people, and all the ways they can expand it and profit from it. Keep up the great efforts everyone.

  6. lostindisney

    lostindisney Thanks VMK for the memories!

    Sep 15, 2006
    I thought everyone would be interested int he canned answer I got from them today. Don't stop writing. I think they have as much power as Disney to save our game! info@sulake.com

    Dear ##########,

    Sulake has worked for Disney as the subcontractor in building,
    developing and maintaining Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK), a virtual world
    aimed at kids the age of 8-12. The service was built for marketing
    purposes for the Walt Disney theme parks and to celebrate the 50th
    anniversary of the California Disneyland, and has stayed live much
    longer than was originally planned.

    In April 2008 Disney made the decision to close down the VMK service at
    the end of May 2008.

    For more details, please contact Disney.

    Kind regards,

    Sulake Info
  7. Jasonbobdude

    Jasonbobdude That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!

    Jul 16, 2007
    I will admit that I was interested in joining POTCO, but if VMK closes I definitely won't join. However, I would be glad to join if VMK stays open.
  8. Disneychick74

    Disneychick74 AKA "Blue" or "Miss Blue"

    Feb 3, 2006
    I posted this idea about a week back and so did Teddy.
    NOT to steal the thiunder of this thread OP that is not my intention...
    My point is..
    If 3 people with no background (that I know of) in any kind of marketing can figure out such a profitable and simple soulution why can't the over paid people of DISNEY????

    This is a GREAT idea! What better way to cross market and get everyone exposed to all Disney has to offer.

    They can even offer Park hopper and anual passes at a set price so you can have access to ALL the fun for one monthly or yearly price.

    They are really missing the cash cow here.
  9. cteddiesgirl

    cteddiesgirl <font color=deeppink>Not invisible to the Tag Fair

    Sep 5, 2005
    Sounds like Sulake has taken it's cue (or been told) from Disney to say this.

    I'm keeping up my vigilance. :thumbsup2

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