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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by PrincessMommy2, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. PrincessMommy2

    PrincessMommy2 Mouseketeer

    Dec 6, 2003
    I stopped in the DS this afternoon not really expecting to find anything new on sale. Was I surprised to see the large Mickey & Minnie plush dolls on sale for $7.99!! At first I thought the signs were for the plush on either side, there was just one Mickey & Minnie on the table in between the signs. They are usually $45, but I figured you never know, just ask. Yep, the CM said they were the last two left so I grabbed them!! By the way, they were putting out the next smaller size (the $28.50 ones) and selling them for $7.99 as well.:tongue:
  2. momxx5

    momxx5 DIS Veteran

    Jul 12, 2003
    It's killing me not to be able to get there - 1/2 hr away. I have a swimsuit to exchange for DD. Online some of the swimsuits are marked down to $7.99, so I'm worried they will run out of sizes. The poor little thing wants a bikini so bad and this is the 3rd one we tried - skirted tankini first, then bikinis and they either fall down around her waist or are too tight in the top.

    I may try to make a trip on Saturday. Is it bad to leave everyone home and head to the DS on my own birthday:D
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  4. Carrie Ellis

    Carrie Ellis DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2004
    Yes, I went today and bought the Mickey and Minnies that were $45 for $7.99! I bought 4 for $32! I sort of felt like I should buy more for presents but sometimes you have to draw the line! ha! I have 3 boys and 1 girl so they all have a big one now! The $100 Mickey is $50 now. I would not mind some of the smaller ones and I am wondering if they will not mark them down more later.
    The CM said that they want to clear them out because they will bring in all new ones soon. I have bought some of the 7 dwarfs in the past for my mom on holidays and alway paid over $20. The only one they had left today was Dopey and I have him already! Wished they had some of the others! Can you imagine what these would cost in the parks????
    I have bought about everything to take with us dirt cheap from DS. If the beach towel go down anymore I might buy some more of those. I would also like the swirlly light up things to go on sale but the CM said that those rarely do.
  5. Disney4me04

    Disney4me04 Mouseketeer

    Nov 2, 2003
    Last Saturday I got a cute baby outfit for $7.99 normally $26.50. The CM told me they are getting rid of the infant line.

    I needed a baby gift and know that mom and dad are in the DVC so I could not go wrong with a disney outfit.

    Now to wrap it... the shower is Saturday!
  6. mickeycw

    mickeycw Mouseketeer

    Aug 16, 2003
    I went to TDS and bought 12 large plush for $106!! I bought Mickey, Minnie, Tigger and Pooh! Figured it was a great way to get a head start on Christmas :earsgirl:
  7. Az Pirates

    Az Pirates <font color=navy>You must BE a pirate ... for the

    May 12, 2004
    Sounds like a great day to escape and take a few hours for yourself. I've done that before. I told my family the best B-day present would be to come home to a neat, clean house!
    Be sure and buy a little something for yourself!

    btw, my dd has the same problem with two piece suits. I wish they would sell the tops and bottoms seperately so you could get the proper fit.

    :bday: Have a great day whatever you decide to do!
  8. wuv tigger

    wuv tigger <font color=red>I just want us to all be well<br><

    Aug 20, 2003
    Thanks for the tip :D

    I went today and got the following:

    2 Princess dolls
    5 large plush toys - Mickey, Minnie, Eyore, Tigger, and Pooh
    3 mini fans to use at the parks
    7 T-shirts
    4 pairs of pajamas

    All for $121.

    I think we might go back and buy 5 or 6 princess dolls for Toys for Tots this Christmas.

  9. swilshire

    swilshire DIS Veteran

    Jan 26, 2004
    I also stopped on the way home. None of the large plush left and only Minnie left in the next size down. Lots of plush at 50% off, but I passed.

    I did get a small Lilo doll for $1.99 and one of the patriotic t's for $4.99. Also got socks. 3 prs for $9.99. Not that great a deal, but I needed some to wear with shorts at Disney that wouldn't embarrass my kids.

  10. winniedapooh

    winniedapooh <font color=magenta>Busy and proud Mom of 5 Disney

    Nov 17, 2001
    I went last night and am thinking of going back in a little while to pick up some more Christmas presents! What a great sale. I got so much stuff, although DS favorite item is the baseball mickey antenna topper!
  11. DisneyMomx7

    DisneyMomx7 DIS Veteran

    Mar 26, 2004
    I went yesterday and it was pretty picked over, luckily I've been going every week to get Disney dollars! However, I still managed to get one large Mickey ($7.99) 2 plutos ($4.99 each) another light up ball ($2.00) and antenna topper ($1.50) man's polo shirt ($14.99 - Happy Father's Day!) and another bathing suit for dd ($9.99). THese last few weeks have been terrific sales!
  12. nicknamy1996

    nicknamy1996 Disney Junkie...

    Sep 17, 2001
    I went to one in STL on Monday and all the snowglobes were 39.99 even the $100 ones. And one of them (which I could not pass on) was marked down to 14.99 from 58. I double checked with the clerk to make sure it was the right price... it was.

    It was the Mickey red white and blue "1776" that plays yankee doodle dandy.

    I also got some power ranger shirts for the boys for 3.99 5.99 and 7.99 (I think that one was regularly 28.50)
  13. etwinchester

    etwinchester DIS Veteran

    Aug 6, 2002
    I went yesterday while in the moutains visiting the inlaws. I got the big mickey for 7.99. I felt guilty for not getting DD the ariel beach hat and swim shoes, so I went to our Disney Store this morning. I was tires since we didn't get home till late, but I went anyway.

    Well, let me tell you, I got lucky...

    I got the ariel beach hat and swim shoes for 3.99 each.

    Also, I wanted a tropical sundress (the dark blue) like my DD's but was unable to find one for months. Well this morning I was able to find one and in my size. The CM told me that it just got returned this morning so I was in luck...It was even 50% off, which made it around 17.00.

    Then my DD found a winnie the pooh bear that had a rattle in it. She was so excited...she had one as a baby and at age 2, we had to retire it. I sewed that poor bear about 20 times and we finally put it away. After almost 3 years, she finds this one and even remembers it. I had to get it and couldn't turn her down.

    I'm so glad I dragged myself out of bed this morning to go...A couple of minutes or hours later, my dress probably would've been gone since their was only 1 left...
  14. Disneycrazymom

    Disneycrazymom DIS Veteran

    Mar 28, 2001
    NickandAmy, Which store did you go to? I might get out Tuesday, did they have any PJ's? Thanks.:D
  15. Mickey527

    Mickey527 DIS Veteran

    Feb 1, 2000
    I bought the 4th of July snowglobe for $14.99. It is so cute.
    I also bought 4 of the little hand held fans that have the neatest lights in them at 50% off so each was $2. I saw lights similar to what they have in these fans at WDW for $14.99 each. These will be great to pass out during the fireworks.
    I wanted one of those dresses but I kept putting off buying it when it was 30% off. When they marked them down more my size sold out before I could get there. Oh well, Peggie

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