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May 1, 2000
Just found out that the Columbus Ohio Disney Store closed out of the blue. I was just there two months ago and not one word was said about the closing. I use to go there just to get a Disney fix until my next vacation which won't be for a year or two. To get out of my funk, I went to the Dollar General Store and found beautiful Simba and Pumba puppets, Disney keychains, Disney activity books and Mickey lollipops. Are all the Disney Stores Closing??????
I have heard that about 10% of stores are closing and the others are going to get rid of their adult clothing. They will only carry kids stuff. I think that I read it at Disney's quarterly financial report.

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we are still carrying adult sleepwear and loungewear and we are getting in some summertime women's clothing this week. Saw it in the stockroom last night myself. It may be seasonal, but we are geting some adult clothing.

I saw some tanks, short sleeve tops, shorts and shortalls, all for women at the Disney Store last night. I didn't like any of it, but I was glad to see it was coming in.


Snowball22, the store in City Center is still opened. (But I liked the one at Northland better!)
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