Disney Springs Hotels: 60-Day FP + EMH Through 2019: *No Packages Needed*

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  1. shaqfor3

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    Aug 25, 2017
    Right now I am deciding which of this 3 I will book for my August solo trip, no car:

    Wyndham Garden - Pro - Closest to Disney Springs. Of these 3 options, its the most expensive right now (not by much). I like the idea of feeling that Disney Springs is my backyard.
    Con - I am not a fan of hotels rooms where the door leads you outside (motel feeling). No grocery stores near

    Best Western - Pro - a few bucks cheaper than Garden. First Bus Stop. Closer to grocery store.
    Con - Long walk to Disney Springs

    Double Tree Suites - Pro - Surprisingly, is the cheaper option for me of the 3 options for that date. Extra room (which I dont need as its a solo trip, but its welcome none the less).
    Con - Last Bus stop. Kinda same distance from Disney Springs that the Western.

    Any feedback on those 3 hotels is welcome for a solo traveler.
  2. HopperFan

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    Sep 6, 2003
    Wyndham - As far as proximity you could say Hiltons may have same walk depending on rooms, never know. Personally I'll never stay there again, especially in the garden rooms since they are like stacked shoe boxes. I agree as a solo, other than Disney hotels I don't book exterior rooms. They certainly are not worth the highest price.

    Best Western - Have friends who stay there, I have not. Each time I try to book the final price was more than I wanted to pay with dated rooms. Something to think about is the hotel was bought by Drury way over year ago, has filed permits to begin construction on new tower, renovated all common areas outside and once done will renovate existing tower. I would hope by summer the work will have begun. There may be construction going on.

    Doubletree - One of my two favorite hotels at Disney Springs (other is B Resort). I like to have "sitting" area that is not a bed. I like the kitchenette because I eat breakfast in room. Hotel was renovated few years back and I like the decor there and big windows in suites. The walk does not bother me. If it's the cheapest option I would book that without blinking.

    Honestly no matter my hotel I wouldn't walk that far to the grocery especially since it's so overpriced. I would arrange for a grocery deliver from Garden Grocer or one of the locals that deliver.

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