Disney Springs Check In Time


Earning My Ears
Oct 20, 2018
Hey All,

Trying to decide between getting Magical Express or checking luggage in at Disney Springs and getting a Lyft/ Uber to the airport.

I presume that you would need to arrive quite so early if you had already checked luggage in and magical express leaves so early.

Flight is at 735 so if we left disney springs at 5 would that be okay?

many thanks; jodi


Secretly prefers Tangled to Frozen...
May 31, 2007
To be honest you never know what traffic and what border control will be like.... I would still leave myself three hours, even without having to check cases.


DIS Veteran
Mar 31, 2009
Checkin at Disney Springs would save one issue of check in time but I think having to get my cases there etc would be a faff as your not supposed to take them on the buses. So you’d be paying a taxi fair for that. Also traffic, I take it you mean 7:35pm, if your heading to the airport at 5pm that’s gonna be a peak traffic time as well.


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