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    not sure if this the correct board, but the hot rumor in houston is disney has brought the property of the old astroworld w/plans of building a disney quest. fact or fiction? thanks:tongue:
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    Almost certainly fiction.

    DisneyQuest was originally supposed to be rolled out to metropolitan areas throughout the United States (and beyond). The only locations that actually opened were Downtown Disney (at WDW) and Chicago (which closed permanently). Disney stopped construction of the Philadelphia location. Disney is no longer developing new attractions for DisneyQuest, and it's probably only a matter of time before the DisneyQuest at Downtown Disney becomes history.

    The Disney Company has told the financial community that they are considering new regional Disney operations, such as Disney-branded hotels and entertainment/dining districts.

    Six Flags AstroWorld closed because the land was too valuable for use as a theme park. Six Flags sold the 104-acre site to Angel/McIver Interests, an investment group, for $77 million. According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, "The investment group is planning a mixed-use transit-oriented development for the former theme park land. It would include high-density residential units, offices, shops and a hotel."

    Could the Disney Company be working secretly with Angel/McIver Interests? Could that hotel be a Disney-branded hotel? Could the the mixed-use plan include a Disney-branded entertainment/dining district? Anything's possible, but at this point it's all just speculation and wishful thinking.

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