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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by kajohn, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. kajohn

    kajohn DIS Veteran

    Apr 29, 2001
    I don't want to start the debate again on whether quarantining is a good policy or not, because we all can agree we have our own opinions on the topic, and no amount of debating is going to sway someone else, we just need to agree to disagree.

    That being said however, I would like to post the answer I got when I emailed guest communications at Disney asking what the quarantine policy is. I think it will be helpful to those who are going on their trip in the next few month to know the policy and not just go on rumors.

    Here is the response I got today in it's entirety with no editing:

    Thank you for your e-mail. I am sorry for not providing a more timely response
    to your e-mail, but due to the volume of correspondence we have received, we are
    not able to reply as quickly as we would like. Your patience is sincerely

    At Disney Cruise Line, the safety and comfort of all of our guests is our
    primary concern. Therefore, we want to make you aware of our efforts to
    minimize the risk of our guests contracting the flu and other similar illnesses.
    As you may know, the Norwalk virus is a highly contagious virus.

    If guests are observed ill by any of our crew members, they will be asked to
    visit the medical center for an evaluation. If the doctor has determined that
    the guest is experiencing flu-like symptoms, the guest must remain in isolation
    for 72 hours from the time of their last episode of vomiting or diarrhea, in
    order to minimize person-to-person contact and prevent the further spread of
    this illness. Unfortunately there is not a test that will immediately confirm
    the Norwalk-like virus. However, exhibiting a combination of flu-like symptoms
    is a good indication. If guests want an alternative solution to being
    quarantined, they may debark at the next port of call.

    Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to prevent this virus from
    going forward. Unfortunately it may mean that we have to quarantine our guests
    during their vacation. We appreciate your understanding and your consideration
    for our other guests.


    Disney Cruise Line Guest Communications
  2. ThreeCircles

    ThreeCircles <font color=blue>Stays up past 3:00 am (have you s

    Sep 29, 2002
    Good for DCL!
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  4. Alihall

    Alihall Earning My Ears

    Aug 14, 2001
    Sorry, can't risk that kind of intrusion. We'll be in a villa on a nice carribean island come Feb! Yahoo no navigators......No ones raining on our parade.:Pinkbounc
  5. taswira

    taswira "Let It Go" - but carefully guard your secrets!

    Jan 1, 2002
    Sounds like we all need to keep a clean toilet, a fresh-scented stateroom, a rosy complexion, a smiling face, a big appetite, exhibit an abundance of energy at the deck parties and clubs . . . and load up on Dramamine! :jester:

    I wonder if Mickey and Minnie always feel tip-top beneath those smiling-face heads! :bounce:
  6. ppiew

    ppiew DIS Veteran

    Sep 4, 2002
    Seems reasonable to me, just an exercise in common sense.
  7. Mjasp

    Mjasp DIS Veteran

    Feb 2, 2002
    Since its a mandatory doctor visit and not voluntarily, do they examine you free of charge?

    What if you are sea sick or a child has had too much excitement or fruit?

    Asking this, because in May, my friends 4 yr old was VERY tired and ate alot of food (more than the usual) and threw up on deck 10. Was fine after that, but now I tease her since she is going again in May and I told her we will post to set her free. Although its not funny, as it could happen, just ask "4nana"
  8. Barnsquad

    Barnsquad Mouseketeer

    Sep 18, 2001
    Having been very ill the last cruise for three days with strep my 2 cents is if you are that ill, you will WANT to stay in bed.

    having said that, as my family counts down until our western in 14 days, The adults are concerned about over diligence with the quaranteen .. like indulging too much the evening before and not feeling like chugging down a full breakfast! Having to look over your shoulder to see which "big brother type" is watching to see if you are eating, Or the kids getting seasickness.

    My DH is ready to roll with the ships doctor should there be any "Miss- Understanding" with miss taking an upset stomach under those conditions.

    I echo the Villa concept should this proceed into a witch hunt of any kind for stomach aches.

    Our ammo on this upcoming trip are a few simple guidelines for our group:
    use our OWN cabin bathroom only. a carryon full of antiseptic wipes, lotions, potions etc etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Buschfan

    Buschfan Mouseketeer

    Mar 31, 2000
    I give DCL credit for giving out these details on an unpleasant scenerio. However, I do not like the 'witch hunt' part of this either. I know I will sleep during the day as I work the graveyard shift. I will probably be on a similar schedule for at least the first part of vacation. Will this be cause for the crew to ask me to see a ship's doctor? You shouldn't have to worry about people spying on you and having to fill out forms ahead of time for minor health problems to keep the cruise line from labeling you as being sick. I bet the Bush party didn't have to worry about being falsely accused.
  10. rae519

    rae519 <font color=6666CC>DIS Veteran<br><font color=CC00

    Mar 6, 2002
    I agree with Barnsquad 100% - I also was sick our last cruise (strep) and voluntarily went to see Dr. Bernie (ship's MD). I wasn't quaranteened but I wanted to stay in bed as did my DH who came down with a cold (got sudafed and cepacol lozengers for $1.00 from the Nurse).

    Again, I'd rather be sick in Paradise than healthy in Indiana.

  11. peg2001

    peg2001 <font color=FF6600>Can drive DH away with a banana

    Mar 13, 2001
    Yikes!! I'm just the opposite, I'd rather be healthy (and have a healthy family) in Podunk, South Dakota, than be sick (or have a sick family) in Paradise.

    [No flames from SD folks, please. I lived there for 12 years.]

  12. mrsltg

    mrsltg Guest

    Well, at least the have the guts to put this policy in writing. How unfortunate for anyone cruising who may not feel completely up to par for a few hours... good luck... and remember, Mickey is watching!

    Erin :D
  13. Hopkins

    Hopkins DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 1999
    You know, I don't have a probelm with this, but my hubby is about to explode.

    If the ship gives him the Norwalk (not a cold or some common thing), but the Norwalk that requires isolation for 72 hours, he would like to be compensated for the restriction of missing 3 days of his vacation. It's the ship that got him sick and restricted. We understand not infecting more people with the virus, but are you compensated? What's the policy on that?

    I'm very pro-Disney, but if you get a cold on the ship and don't feel well, you shouldn't be compensated, but if you get the Norwalk which is MANATORY 72 HR ISOLATION you should be compensated some amount or discount on a future cruise. I agree with him there should be some form of compensation. I don't mind "big Mickey" watching until this Norwalk is under control.

    I hope we stay healthy!
    Tina :bounce:
    Magic 1/18/03
  14. mcnuss

    mcnuss <font color=blue>Beware the Atomic Tail!<font colo

    Jun 23, 2002
    How would the "ship" give him the NLV?

    This is a virus transmitted just like the common cold or the flu - person to person. It is HIGHLY contagious.

    For those concerned about the cost of the medical visit, on the 11/23 Western, it was done gratis.

    Please bear in mind that since the first outbreak of the NLV on the Magic, there have been approx. 5 sailings of this ship. On each ship there are approx. 2500 guests. This means that approximately 12,500 people have sailed. We have heard of 1 person wrongfully quarantined. We have read about 1 family who left the ship w/o seeing the doctor. There are likely others obviously, but given the odds, I'd take another cruise anytime and not worry in the least about either the virus or being quarantined.
  15. taswira

    taswira "Let It Go" - but carefully guard your secrets!

    Jan 1, 2002
    kajohn was kind enough to post DCL's policy, but mentioned not wanting this thread to turn into a debate.

    Whether we like it or not, the policy has been made and those of us who cruise DCL (and probably any other line as well) will need to accept it. If we stay healthy, we will be happy. If we don't, we won't. DCL decided to do what they feel they must do in order to keep a "healthy ship," but we need to remember that, as mcnuss said, any virus is brought on by passengers. It was not created by Disney. :jester:
  16. macbasset

    macbasset Mouseketeer

    May 27, 2001
    We are currently on the magic at castaway cay and they still will give you a free examination by the doctor to determine whether your illness falls into the group that may be a flu or virus like norwalk. however, this has been a very rough cruise with several days of 13-20 foot waves and many have been just queasy from the rough seas and there has been no big deal--- no medical police. I have heard 2 families were quarantined (this was told to me by one of the entertainers who is our dinner companion) and one CM (that does the poolside adult games) was quarantined; even cruise director jacqui was sick the other night and didn't attend the show.

    We have been extremely careful- we use dial pump soap on entering and leaving our cabin; we use tissues or paper towels to hold rails or doorknobs or we dont touch them. We have felt seasick on occasion during this week due to the rough seas, but we took it easy and the episodes passed. We however, have witnessed MANY people not washing and coughing all over things. I think it certainly would help if people were more diligent. You are given at least 3 notifications of the necessity of washing. Two in stateroom, one letter at port. To tell you the truth, it doesn't feel at all like a witch hunt; most are unaware that there are any people sick at all on the ship. Many were sick on our excursion and nothing was thought of it---- because the seas are so rough. Even when someone mentions at dinner they are feeling sick or stay in their cabin-- nobody thinks anything of it as it is so rough. Nobody is jumping to conclusions. Barb
  17. 4nana

    4nana God Bless America, Land of the Free and Brave

    Sep 10, 2000
    Thank you kajohn for posting this, I have copied it.

    This email is very contradictory to what I experienced.
    I did not display any flu like symptoms nor did I have 'V or D'. I had an episode caused by my "GERD" illness. Unfortunatley (on our cruise) ANY gastric symptom warrants isolation. Believe me, with this virus rampant, we did not want to take any chances and get sick on vacation. We thought we were very well prepared....
    lysol, anti bacterial wipes, plenty of water, gatoraid, vits and meds! I also was told several times, no medical form was necessary unless it is a life threatening illness.

    Live and Learn ~
    For this too shall pass. Everything I worried about did not happen, what I did not worry about did. ;)
  18. Susan in Maine

    Susan in Maine Earning My Ears

    Oct 8, 2002
    I have no problem with Disney taking reasonable precautions. However, 72 hours after the last incident is a VERY long time, especially for children. When was the last time anyone you know stayed home for three full days AFTER they stopped being sick? I don't know about anyone else, but if I called my boss and said that I vomited on Monday night, woke up Tuesday morning feeling fine, but I won't be in to work at least until Friday, he'd be pretty unhappy with me!

    I am getting increasingly concerned about our Jan 12 sailing. My 4YO adopted DD was born with an imperforate anus (she didn't have one), and was essentially left to die in a Cambodian orphanage. Luckily she got rescued and brought to the US for medical treatment. She's doing very well now and is a truly remarkable little girl.

    However, she has had several major surgeries on her lower digestive tract, and has boughts of diarrhea and may have almost continual bowel movements. This is because her plumbing is still pretty new and doesn't work very well yet.

    We filled out the medical form months ago, and DCL has agreed to allow her into the childrens' program even tho she's not fully toilet trained since this is a bona fide disability. But just to be sure, I've gone to her doctor to get a signed letter explaining all this AGAIN.

    I"m not particularly happy about having to go to a lot of extra work explaining what is normal for her, just to be sure we can get out of our cabin! I called DCL customer service and they strongly recommended I get this letter.

    I also agree that those passengers who are locked in their cabin deserve some sort of compensation - especially on the short cruises! I could understand a 24 hour quarantine. But if something happens on Monday morning of the four day, you miss the whole cruise, even if you're OK on Tuesday.

    Sorry for the length of the rant! <getting down off soapbox>

    Susan in Maine
  19. aalan

    aalan Mouseketeer

    Oct 24, 2001
    lst, thanks to 4nana for posting your confirmation of target's post and others of what happened to you on your cruise. its a shame the moderators and owner of these boards cant take a member's word at face value.

    overall, the boards are a great place to learn and exhange hints about all things disney, just dont try to criticize the way things are run here or at disney. you will be flamed or shut down by overzealous mods. and i am not looking for drama or conspiracy. just the truth, or something as close to it as you can get on a
    discussion board.

    my wife and i had a wonderful cruise last march and booked again for this march, but we are concerned about the virus and the way some folks have been treated. we may cancel the cruise and spend a week in the parks. they cant quarantine you there, right?

    :D :D
  20. Stewblue

    Stewblue Mouseketeer

    Mar 10, 2002
    Thanks for posting 4nana. I've admired your calm response on the board to what must have been a very trying situation. I appreciate that Disney is trying to do what is right and yet I fully recognize that not everything is quite as cut and dried as words on paper would have us believe. Definitely pointed out the value of having the medical form and doctor's information ready. Of course I suspect that sailing at a time when virus' are not a daily part of the new reports would help as well. <weak joke>
  21. mcnuss

    mcnuss <font color=blue>Beware the Atomic Tail!<font colo

    Jun 23, 2002
    Once again, I would encourage everyone to remain calm. Your chances of anything happening are miniscule. Look at what 4nana has said: "Everything I worried about did not happen, what I did not worry about did."

    These boards are great and I love them. But we represent a teensy tiny portion of the total number of cruisers out there, and for some reason, we tend to suffer from worry-wart syndrome (which is likely why we are here to begin with ;) ). I think that we must keep our perspective on this and all things that worry us. Someone once told me "worry is just your imagination run amok". This thing with the virus and the amount of discussion it has provoked here on the DIS and elsewhere in the media is just proof of that. The VAST majority of people do not get sick or quarantined or anything else. Take a deep breath and go have fun on your cruise and don't worry about things that are totally out of your control. Let the zen of 4nana's wonderful and calm response to an adverse situation be your guide.

    And with this, my New Year's resolution is not to read another post on the NLV ever.

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