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Leave no one behind...
Aug 8, 2001
Day 1

We chose this cruise because it was reasonably priced for our family of 5, and we were able to take the 3 hr car ride from Massachusetts to NYC. We were worried about the weather if it was going to be too cold, but it's an adventure, right? Port arrival was quick as I dropped off my wife & kids at the 2nd level and the porter took our 4 bags (each of us had our own lightly packed backpack for carry-on). Then I went to park the car. I was expecting to pay $240 for the parking, but the attendant asked if we were sailing on DCL and it was only $200. Parking was easy, although there was a security sweep with a K9 just as I entered the lot. The pier is right next to the USS Intrepid Museum, so I took a few pics (it's a terrific take if you ever get the chance!). My wife was then texting me that she was close to going thru port security and I had the passports so I hurried to the elevator and snuck under the ropes to join my family just in time.

We then walked down towards the check in counter and since I did the online check in it went very smoothly. They even gave the kids the magic bands to get into the kids club. They were really starting to get excited, and we even saw Mickey walking to get on the boat. All in all, I believe after arriving at the curb at 11am, we were on the Magic by 12:12pm. It was very smooth all in all, and I have no complaints.

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More to come..........
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    Leave no one behind...
    Aug 8, 2001
    Day 1 (continued)

    So we got on board and went to go check out the kids club area with the open house session. Now my wife and I had been on the Magic before, but it was before we had kids so we didn't know how they would like it. They started in Andy's room and then checked out the Super Hero area. Then we walked thru to the Oceaneers Lab. The kids ended up loving the kids area more than we expected. They asked often during the trip to go back, they stayed late, and used the opportunity to go with a counselor during the late dinner seating. My daughter did say that she didn't enjoy it as much as our boys did, she explained it as there seemed to be more "boy things" to do there. I don't know for certain but the boys were eager to go more than she did.

    Anyways, after checking out the kids area, we went to Cabanas for lunch, but because it was overcast and a bit chilly outside, seating was packed in there. We made a quick decision to backtrack and we went to Lumiere's where the wait was 15 mins. It was good to sit down and put our carryon bags & jackets down. I had a sirloin steak but it wasn't very good. Unfortunately, there was a common theme with the beef on board, it didn't taste right. I had 3 pieces of prime rib & the sirloin steak thru the week and I they were all off. Someone else had mentioned in the forums here that there food quality had dropped a bit. I did better with other meals like lamb, chicken, seafood (scollops were terrific).

    We then checked out our room (8028) where the kids loved it. I had a serious talk about the verandah with them, and that there was no horsing around or climbing there. They were also told that they had to tell us if they wanted to go out there. It was never an issue during the trip, but it was something on my mind before we sailed. There were a few issues with the room, some loose ceiling tiles, a loose faucet handle in bathroom with the toilet, and the verandah door handle was extremely loose. I did notice when I was in the parking lot that the ship didn't look as super as I remembered, there was noticeable rust showing on the outside. I know it is a never-ending battle with the sea, but she is showing signs of her age. Was it awful, no. But maybe there's a lifespan of a DCL ship with the new ships coming online in the coming years.

    So then we did the safety drill which was chilly in the shade, but I thought it went well. As a firefighter I pay close attention to those things because I believe in being prepared. The kids then wanted to go to the kids club while my wife & I went topside for the sailaway party. Pushing away from the dock and sailing down the Hudson was beautiful. The sun was shinning and reflecting on the skyscrapers and the water. There was even a rainbow over Midtown. I had never seen the Freedom Tower, nor Ellis Island or The Statue of Liberty, and it really was wonderful to see them from the water.

    It was very windy and getting pretty cold, so we went below deck to check out the shops. We had heard several good tips to get stuff early or you wouldn't see it again so we did. I wish there were more sweatshirts, as my wife got an awesome Halloween one, but they didn't have my size.

    We had 2nd seating for dinner so we got the kids and decided to see if the hot tubs were open. We ended up being the only people at the family pool area and had the hotter all to ourselves while watching Monsters Inc. What a great family moment!

    I'll be back later ti wrap up day 1!











    Celebrating 32 Ears
    Dec 11, 2008
    There is nothing like the sites of NYC while sailing out, its one of my favorites!
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