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    Arrived home an hour and a half late, circle Phila for a loooong time, due to rain slowing the landings. Good News is the Baggage came in 10 mins, a world record for Phila. Sunday evening and everything is washed and put away :banana:

    Arrived in Orlando an hour late due to slow take offs, if you haven't got the idea, Phila needs another runway bad and all the people that don't fly are raising cain. We stayed at the Hyatt in the Airport, our favorite thing to do, as you can get down stairs and on your bus quick(9am), except when DCL arrives early (8am)and we got there early but not early enough(8:30) so we got on the 10:30 bus :guilty: Oh well the best laid plans ..... Sign up was pretty quick though. Really excited to get on the bus, loved the video. Oh this trip was kidless just DW & DH that's me. If I sound childish and silly through this narration, good We love DCL I'm 63 & DW is 64 going on soon but not yet.

    Arrived at the terminal at 11:15 on the dot, hoped to get a 4 but ended up with an 8, bummer. Got in the Castaway Cay line to check in and remembered to ask about an upgrade, as we had booked a cat 10, a cat 9 was like 1k more, bless us we got a cat 8 for $248. Cabin 5512 WOW! :cool1: that sure made the wait to get on the boat exciting.

    While waiting they broke our many many cases of water and were handing them out. We loaded up the travel bag on wheel thingy with 10 bottles, lasted us the whole cruise, we packed the last bottle in the rolling wheel thingy for the trip home.

    Took a while to get the 1 thru 3's on, they must have strolled on to show off getting the low numbers then things moved very quickly and we were on board by 1:15pm. Went right to the buffet at Topsider's and ate our full. Hurried up to Deck to meet all the DIS folks, it was really great puttung faces to names. Thanks to David we all got green wrist bands and were able to spot each other readily on the ship. This was a really really great inexpensive idea an a memento of our trip it had the ship with the ship name and the date wow, really a must. Fire drill was uneventful and our clothes were in the cabin when we got back, by the time we unpacked it was dinner time. Oh, we skipped the picture taking when we were getting on the ship this was our 5th cruise and we don't have anyplace to put any more pictures, not one picture did we buy and the camera, a fancy digital just purchased, didn't work, figures. Can you believe no pictures? I didn't think it was possible, I would have bought but my DW was on a mission. It seems like all they are selling now is 8x10's.

    Will finish later, have to run, sorry. This will be a long report.
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    Can't wait to read about your adventures. And WOW, what a great price you got on that upgrade ::yes::
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    I look forward to reading more of your report....and meeting you next February!!

    What are the #'s for boarding...how does that work??
    Jackie :surfweb:
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    Posting to the thread so I can read more later John!!! :wave2:

    In less than 3 weeks, it will be our turn on the Magic!!! :woohoo:

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