Disney Live! presents Mickey's Magic Show

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    For those in the GTA, the following is a link to information on Mickey's Magic Show at the Hummingbird Centre on October 19-22 (Thu-Sun). It's put on by Feld Entertainment, the same people who do Disney on Ice.


    I just got our tickets today. There seem to still be good tickets. (I used a Disney on Ice discount code for Disney Visa Cardholders (VDL) to get $4 off each ticket. I bought the tickets in person at the box office -- saved $4.75 per ticket and a $2.75 convenience charge for the whole order -- mentioned the VDL code but didn't say anything about Disney Visa...got the discount without any problems. I was also able to enter the VDL code on the ticketmaster site to get the discount applied to the pricing but I ended up buying at the box office so I don't know if I would have had problems completing the transaction if not paying with a Disney Visa card number.)
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    This show is going to be free at WDW during the free dining at MGM Studios in the soundstage where playhouse Disney is part of the Magical Beginnings promotion. Here is the tentative schedule I got from another thread.

    August 15–19 & August 24–27 – Mickey's Magic Show
    10:00 am, 11:15 am, 1:15 pm, 2:30 pm & 4:00 pm

    We will be at MGM on the 16th and were hoping to see it. :banana:


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    THANKS FOR THE INFO, IT LOOKS LOKE FUN, WE ARE GOING TO TRY TO GET SOME TICKETS. I THINK THE GOOD TIX ARE GONE. WE USUALLY DO DISNEY ON ICE BUT THEY HAVEN'T LISTED WHAT IS SHOWING YET for December. wE HAVE ALREADY SEEN 100 years of magic and 3 jungle adventures, If we are going to do this show we will forgo Disney on Ice (which would be an easier decision if we knew what we would be missing). Just can't get enough Disney I guess.

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