Disney Insurance Covid Question


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Aug 20, 1999
We purchased the insurance offered by DCL. I know it isn’t always the best price and quality. Actually this is the first time we have used them. But since we cruise next week and I just purchased the cruise today, I thought it was the safest bet. But now I am wondering if we somehow test positive at port, will this insurance cover the cost of the cruise? We live in FL and will be driving. So I am only concerned about reimbursement of the cruise. And is there adequate coverage if one of us has to be life flighted? We have international health insurance through work, but life flights are outrageous.


Aug 30, 2021
If you test positive at the port, then DCL will refund you the cost of the cruise anyway. Beyond that, I don't know. DCL says that their insurance works for Covid-related troubles. You should read the actual policy for specific details.



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