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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by 1833, Jul 17, 2004.

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    Jul 1, 2004
    I recently purchased resale, passed ROFR and I'm waiting to close (hopefully next week). We are planning our first trip for early November and hope to use our points for this year.

    I'm a little nervous though. I've seen a lot on the board about DVC being sold out during the time frame that I want to go. Because we definately would like to use points for our trips I had some questions about the waitlist and DIsney hotels. (I hope to nail down all of the alternatives before I speak to MS).

    Assuming nothing is available, what is the best way to structure my waitlist request? Can I get on a waitlist for multiple places? (I'd rather stay at VWL, my home resort, but would probably be jsut as happy at BCV or BW). Can I get on the waitlist for multiple days. (I can basically go for any 6 day stretch within the first 2 weeks of November). If not, do they help you prioritize based on chances of getting something?

    Finally, if all else fails, we'll like to use our points for a DIsney Hotel (I know its not a good use of points, but my husband was partially convinved to buy on the theory we'd not have to pay for lodging on this trip). I've been told that if I put points towards a hotel, I can't move them to a dvc if I get off the waitlist. My question is if I wait on the waitlist (say until about the one month mark) but don't get anything, will I have problems getting a hotel room? Can you use your points at the hotels as long as there is any availability or are there only a few dvc reserved rooms?

    Sorry this is so long. i appreciate all of your advice. thanks
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    Dec 4, 2003
    Actually, your best time to get a room from the waitlist is at 30/31 days. People have to cancel by 31 days to keep their points...so there are cancellations in this time range.

    When I was waitlisted, I told them my dates and size of accomadation desired and told them I'd take any DVC resort at WDW. Then (even though they said it was automatic and I didn't need to call), I phoned every week. It worked--I got a room at my first choice place on one of my phone calls.

    I honestly don't know this, but I suspected it might have been that we were only staying 3 nights and they were trying to book longer stays...then as they got closer to the actual date, they were willing to give me a shorter time frame????? It struck me as odd that after being turned down at all resorts even with some date flexibility that I suddenly got my first choice on everything.

    That's my only experience with the wait list, and it was a "last minute" sort of ressie. On all others, I've gotten exactly what I wanted! That said, we don't use holiday times when it is more difficult.
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    Feb 4, 2002
    I can't answer all of your questions about trading into non-DVC properties, so I'm not even going to touch that one.

    However, early November isn't exactly peak time. Close, but not quite. You will probably have difficulty getting into VWL, BCV or BWV, but I bet OKW or SSR have rooms that will suit your needs.

    If all else fails, consider splitting your stay between two resorts. Take two or three nights at one resort (as available) and then move over to another resort for the balance of your trip. Disney will move your luggage for you. The only disadvantages are that you'll be without a room for several hours in the afternoon, you'll have to check-in more than once, and obviously you'll have to do some packing in the middle of your stay.

    This is just a guess--but I don't think you'll be completely shut out for the timeframe you want to travel.
  4. CarolMN

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    Aug 18, 1999
    You can use DVC points to stay at any of the WDW hotels (except the values, WL, BC & BWI) as long as there is availability. Disney does not "set aside" a certain number of rooms for DVC.

    There are some limitations, though. As you already mentioned, once you use those points for a non-DVC option, you cannot later cancel the non-DVC hotel and use the points for a stay at a DVC resort. That's because DVC rents out the equivalent number of room nights in a DVC resort to "pay" for your stay in the non-DVC hotel.

    Another limitation depends on your use year. You cannot make a reservation to stay at a non-DVC option within the last 60 days of your use year if the stay at the non-DVC option will also take place within the last 60 days of your use year. So for example, if you have a December use year and want to stay at the GF in early November, you would have to make the reservation before the end of September. You could not make the reservation for that stay in October or November even if there were rooms available at the GF.

    HTH you lay out your options.

    Best wishes -
  5. Scoootch

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    Oct 10, 2002
    Hi there and WELCOME HOME!:wave:

    Can't comment much on the waitlist process itself but...as for availablity at the regular WDW resorts on points goes, I would think you'd probably be fine booking late for the regular WDW resorts if you wait until last minute because you want to see if your waitlist comes thru. Oct./Nov. is Busy season for DVC but not as busy for the regular WDW resorts. When you book at the non-DVC resorts your points get taken out of DVC inventory and put into CRO's if I understand correctly so you would probably have much better availability. And with so many other regular resorts to stay at, I'm sure you can get availablity at at least one or two of your first non-DVC choices. DVC obviously would be the better use of points but availablity should be good if staying non-DVC;)

    Good luck on getting your waitlist to come thru though!

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