Disney Golden Oaks Ranch looks to house Studios

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    Golden Oaks means more to the Walt Disney Corporation than a bunch of high Dollar homes of former WDW property. Golden Oaks Ranch is actually a large piece of scenic ranch property owned by Disney north of Los Angeles. Disney is looking to extend its studios up to this famous movie back-drop for such movies as Pirates of the Caribbean, Pete's Dragon, and The Muppet Movie. There are numerous backdrops and sets on site as well as a man-made creek. But WDC plans to put in full blown studios, bungalows, mill works, and cafeteria to go along with the scenic views.



    What i found interesting is that Imagineers test theme park attractions here also. There is a test/proof of concept track for World of Motion at EPCOT on the property.



    This would be a fabulous place to go and see or add to a Backstage Magic tour.
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    Umm - Disney did not do "The Lorax"

    Silly environmentalist...

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