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Earning My Ears
Jul 29, 2000
I am looking for any information on people, places or anything that would help sponsor a trip for a single mom with a terminal illness and her 4 year old son who's wish is to be able to take her son to Disney World before her time is up (yearish). They are thinking of this March as she would still be in adequate enough health at that point to enjoy herself. This woman is in her mid twenties and the niece of a good friend of mine. Any leads, information would be greatly appreciated. You may certainly email me directly as well at jscidmore@tznet.com.
Thanks for informing us with the post. Hope everthing works out well.

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I would strongly reccomend"Make a wish foundation"
Does Make a Wish foundation sponsor trips for adults, or just kids? Just wondering. We met a nice family when I was staying at the GF for a meeting. The little boy had leukemia and they were there with Make a Wish.

Unfortunately, make a wish is only for children under 18 with a terminal illness. I'm checking to see if there is something like that for adults.
You can do a search on foundations. Depending on her illness, that particular foundation may have something like "make a wish".

Contact local Tv, newspapers or radio. Many times they sponsor events for things like that. Ya never know, they might be willing to send her just to have the "feel good" story.

You might even try contacting some of the better talk shows, like Oprah or Rosie O'Donnell. I think they both have web sites and I know that they occasionally will do these kinds of things.

You are a wonderful person for trying to make this come true!!
You may want to check with any large corporations in your area. Sometimes they will sponsor these types of events. Good Luck.


WE started a "fund" where all employeees, Docs and local businesses contributed. Maybe you could get MidwestExpress to donate the Airfare? Maybe a local Travel agent could also help?
I wish you good luck in finding a way to make this happen. You have been given some good advice for places to check into.
I did a web search and found only organizations that grant wishes to children with life threatening illnesses, not adults. "Make a Wish" or the "Starlight Foundation" (another reputatble children's wish granting organization) may have some suggestions. I also suggest trying the social work department where she is receiving care. They may be aware of some resources.
If you are able to work it out and have any questions about touring WDW with a person in a wheelchair with limited strength, please visit the disABILITES Board. Good luck

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What a nice gesture..

I say try your local newspapers, radio stations and tv stations...

Good luck...

Are there any local charitable organizations around that could raise $$? I used to be the president of our local Jaycee chapter and we raised money for all types of things. I've been out of it for about 8 yrs, but you might want to check for the Jaycees or other organizations. I suggested Jaycees since it's for 21 - 39 yr olds.

Good luck. Wish I could help with $$. I actually donated to the Make a Wish Foundation so that two children could go to WDW

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I wanted to pass on to you all that a very generous man who is a member of the DVC has donated a 5 night stay at the Boardwalk for the young woman's family. It came about with a lot of coincidences and undoubtably some divine intervention. The family is very excited and grateful for such help. If anyone else has donation ideas please contact me directly. Thanks so much.
OMG!! That is wonderful!! Special thanks to the DVC'er that made this happen for your friend!! Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes & you never know where you will find it.... I hope the family has a wonderful wonderful time!!


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