Disney Dream: Dec 16, 2019 4-Night Very Merrytime Bahamian Cruise

Katie Profeta

Earning My Ears
Apr 25, 2018
Hello All -

Just wanted to set up a thread for our cruise! This will be my second Disney cruise. I loved the first one so much, I booked a placeholder while on board. I'll be traveling with my mom, my best friend, and her mom.

I organized the FE on our last cruise, and I'm planning on organizing a FE and Ornament Exchange for our cruise! If you are interested in being a part of FE for our cruise - please contact Katie at FEDisneyDream@gmail.com.

At some point early next year, I'll create a survey for sign-ups. I will generate a master list that will be distributed to all confirmed participants after the sign-up deadline. If you have friends or family cruising and they are interested in participating - be sure to have them fill out this survey when it is released!

Happy Cruising!


Earning My Ears
Feb 24, 2019
Thank you Katie for creating this!! I'm so excited to go on this cruise!!! This is our my DH & I's first Disney cruise, & our DS's first cruise ever!! We're setting sail on his 8th birthday :) Am I the first poster?!? Thanks again Katie!!!


DIS Veteran
Apr 18, 2011
We are booked also!! Mainly because we want to see the premier of Star Wars #9 on board. Very excited!1
  • Yvonne Anderson

    Earning My Ears
    May 1, 2019
    Hi...this will be my 1st Disney cruise. Taking my daughter and grand kids. Can you please provide details on how the Fish Exchange works? Thanks


    Team Balaton
    Dec 12, 2014
    Thanks Katie for setting this up. This is our 5th Disney cruise but our first one on one of the newer ships. We are all about the Fish Extender. It is amazing. We will definitely be participating. The fish Extended is a fun activity that gets the family involved before the ship set sail. Here is a great link that gives info on how the fish extender works. Strongly recommend it. You can also google what this a fish extender and you will get some great ideas for gifts. https://www.keytotheworldtravel.com/what-the-heck-is-a-fish-extender/


    Earning My Ears
    Oct 19, 2013
    Hello! We are taking our first cruise. We definitely want in on the ornament exchange!
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