Disney Donates Dinosaurs

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    During the last big debate on divvying up the resort tax, the Tourist Development Council voted against giving $300,000 to the Orlando Science Center. Disney's Dianna Morgan, a member of the council, voted against using the resort tax for the center, arguing that the tourism industry could help the center through joint marketing ventures and corporate donations.

    Now, Morgan has put her money where her mouth is.

    Disney is donating several dinosaur exhibits for display at the center, including fossils of eight complete dinosaurs.

    The exhibits came from last year's Dinosaur Jubilee at Animal Kingdom. Rather than put them away in storage, they'll be brightening the science center. It could be a draw for the center, which has had some financial troubles.

    "One of the things the science center needs to do is provide new attractions to keep people coming back," Morgan says.
    Source: Orlando Business Journal
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    Is always out of money,too!!!

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