Disney Dollars??


Mar 22, 2001
We're planning our first trip to WDW, and we'll be going in Jan/2002. Someone told me I should request Disney Dollars for my son for birthday & holiday gifts from relatives, etc.. Can these be used anywhere at WDW such as shops, restaraunts, etc.? Also, are Disney Dollars only available at the Disney Stores?

I must say that this board is better than any "guide" book available. I've learned SO much here, and I thank everyone for all the valuable information and tips. I've been able to plan our entire trip with that information - and it's been a lot easier than I anticipated! I'll be on pins and needles until January!!!

:D :D :D
Disney Dollars can be used anywhere at Disney or any Disney store. The only place that I know that you can buy them is at Disney or at the Disney stores. I have also heard that if you don't use all of your Disney Dollars that you can turn them back in for cash. My 3 children saved Disney Dollars for our trip and it worked out very well.
Disney Dollars can still be turned back in for cash, but ONLY with a receipt. This is a recent policy change.

Just as a note, my daughters have requested Disney $ for birthdays, holidays, etc. and it looks as though they will have more spendin' loot than good old Mom and Dad!! MJ :)


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