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Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by mikehund, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. mikehund

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    Aug 25, 1999
    For that past few months it seems like the Disney bashing has been reckless. "They have discontinued this, they have closed this, they have cut this back". Now it's time to spotlight the positives that the Walt Disney Company and its theme parks are going to do.

    New Entertainment in the parks is a major plus. New Opening ceremonies, more character experiences, Re-instituting the Early Entry program, and a new capitlizing off of the Disney Istitute Project for a new themed DVC resort to me are some great policies.

    It seems as if the huge amounts of money going towards the new 5th gate are now being pushed over into Epcot to re-invent the park.

    Not to mention in Disney World and Disneyland, the company is starting to renovate some of the problems that existed in the parks. New paint is finally on the rides and new experiences are forthcoming. People have complained that it was about time, but at least the issues are being paid attention to now. In the next year alone Mission: Space and Mickey's Philharmagic will be opening up.

    To me it seems as if Disney realized their mistakes and is fixing what they know needs to be fixed. We were spoiled during the late 90's by a great economy and great tourism for Disney. That led to great rides and many more of them. During times when the economy is slow, you cannot blame the company for looking to save some cash.

    I applaud Disney for the new changes they are making and expect to see more as the years come.

    Mike Hundgen
  2. Bob O

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    Mar 2, 2000
    Im glad that disney is making changes and it is a positive!!!!
    But a well run company wouldnt have been so quick to get out the knife and cut things as bad as they did and let things fall into disrepair as they did!! If the parks would have been run in a more intelligent manner they wouldnt have too be doing all the work they are doing now to rehab rides/attractions if they would have kept up with basic maintence(escpecially DL if reports are true). And it will be nice for MS(which has been in the works for a long time)and mickeys show to be open but i cant get excited about 2 new attractions opening when they are also cutting shows like HunchBack/Tarazan and have yet to do anything with the 20k site and have so many other dated attractions that need major work.
    Its a good start but much more work is needed!!

    DVCDAVE Senior Member

    Aug 21, 2000
    I can't even remember the last time I saw a live performance at the Tommarowland Theater. I am certainly glad to hear about some rehab and a few new attractions, cutting more live entertainment from 'the show' seems counter productive to the 'show'.

    In my opinion, nnothing good can happen at the Disney Company until Ei$ner is history.
  4. raidermatt

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    Sep 26, 2000
    mikehund- You make some good points. There is a lot of renovation going on at Disneyland. But the question is, is this a one time clean up that will last a year or two, or is it really a philosophy change?

    Also, nothing has been done to address the fact that DL's Tomorrowland is woefully short on attractions, and there have been precious few additions to DL in recent years. In fact, nothing comes to mind at all... Pooh is nice, but its just a copy from WDW, and rumors are it will not even be as elaborate.

    Then there's DCA's plethora of issues, and management's very slow response.

    EE is a nice add back from a year ago.

    More character interaction is nice too.

    But why cut Hunchback at the same time? And if the rumors are true that ToD is being scaled back, and Tarzan axed, that's two more strikes.

    Its pretty clear management is only acting because they have a gun to their head in the form of plummeting attendance/bookings. I suppose that's fine if it results in guests gettng some of what we've been asking for. But its hardly much of an indication that they are finally truly getting it.

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