Disney Day two

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    Jun 3, 2000
    Wednesday, May 30th:
    We first went to DL, since it opened at 9:00 and DCA did not open until 10:00. Already rumors were circulating that the mystery pin was going to surface in DCA Thursday, the next day. The rumors continued throughout the day......
    We ate breakfast at the outdoor counter service in Tomorrowland. (Just okay and we thought the price too high for the quality -- around $15 - $16 for two adults) Can't recommend.
    Next we went to the music store on Main Street. DH bought the Manaheim Steamroller Meets the Mouse CD. (Chip Davis lives in Omaha -- not that we know him ;) ). I made my own CD. I selected HM and Pirates exerts. Very, very cool. I loved making my own CD of DL sounds! ($20)
    Then we went to DCA. DH loved CA Screamin. (No surprise since he also LOVES RnRC.) He says he likes RnRC better, but also said he could ride Screamin' ALL DAY. :rolleyes:
    Screamin is set up VERY nice! (BIG THUMBS UP!!) Chickens like me can see their loved ones up close before the ride shoots them off. This is also a great area to take a pic of the riders before it blasts off and during!
    Maliboomer was A LOT of FUN! We always used the singles line and never waited more than a few minutes. Usually it was walk on. (Another BIG THUMBS UP!!)
    The ferris (sun) wheel is very well done too. The base looks as if it is rising from the water. The swinging gondolas REALLY SWING and slide! They don't look like they swing that much -- until you are in one. Great fun though! The stationary ones are good too, and the riders go higher. The line for the stationary gondolas was always much shorter. The wait for the swinging ones was usually 1/2 hour.
    Even the Jumpin' jellyfish was neat. It was so relaxing.
    The downside to the Paradise Pier is all the rides are for short durations. The loading and unloading time is often longer than the ride time.
    We didn't try Mulholland Madness. Just looked one step up from a kid's roller coaster. The Golden Zephyr didn't do much while we saw it operating. It was shut down (from "high winds") a lot. And when up, it didn't look worth the wait. The "rockets" didn't flatten straight out. Just barely rose and spun around.
    Soaring Over CA is another ride/attraction that lives up to its fantastic rep. It is wonderful! (Use FP)
    Bug's Life is the same as WDW. Maybe a little better on the stink bug scent, water spray, etc.
    We ate mexican food by the tortilla factory. Good. Would go there again.
    Hollywood Pictures area: Well -- take away Disney Animation and Muppets 3D and you might as well put a closed sign out for that area. Major disappointment after WDW MGM. No comparison.
    Make sure to at least visit Sorcerer's Workshop in Disney Animation. If you go to that, the pin cart, and Muppets 3D, you have seen the best at the back lot.
    We ate lunch at Award Weiners. (Pass on that too. Just okay.) You are much better off eating in The Golden State next door.
    We returned to DL and finished off the day there.
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    Mar 25, 2000
    Thanks for posting about your day!

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