Disney Compression socks/sleeves


Jun 19, 2011
So I want to find either Ariel or Tangled and minnie compression socks or sleeves. I'm not sure why I didnt' think of this but I'm going to be running F&W next weekend in honor of one of my friends two daughters that were taken in a car crash this year. Where can I find them?? Will the expo have these? I'm going to do Ariel on one leg for one of the girls and minnie on the other...any suggestions?


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Jan 27, 2009
I’ve never seen Disney ones but zensah has mermaid tails, they’re blue though instead of green. They probably have polka dots too.

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Nov 8, 2009
I do believe some of the character inspired athletic gear that rD had at last year's expos did include some arm warmers (and maybe leg sleeves or socks, but not sure). I don't think they're available anymore through Disney, or at least can't find them on the shop online.

There are some Etsy sellers who do Disney inspired arm and calf sleeves. Some clever search terms will find them without too much effort.


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