Disney Club vs. AP rates


Earning My Ears
Nov 28, 1999
I am a resident pass holder and my Disney Card is about to expire. I also have AAA.
Do I need the Disney Club?
Did you make good use of the services they provide you with at the Diseny Club? I find that I do not really use the DC for anything but to purchase our passes for our trip. I get better hotel prices from the codes that they have or using my AP rates. If you do alot of purchasing in the Disney Store or on line the discount is useful.
I get a good discount on my pass because I renew. The only thing I am worried about is whether I can still get a discount on hotel reservations if I call 9 or 10 months ahead of time.
Last year I booked a reservation for AKL using the DC card but later changed it because I got a lower rate as a pass holder.:wave:
I have gotten better rates with the AP, but I more than get my money's worth through shopping discounts at the Disney store. That 10% adds up and I do a lot of shopping their.

We did a lot of shopping at the Disney store this christmas and during our vacation. We did not use the DC for a hotel break but did for our passes. For us, the club card pays off just with the purchases at the Disney Store.

The DC hotel discounts are about the same as AAA rates, and you don't have to pay for the whole trip before you arrive. AP rates are always better than DC or AAA, but are not always available.

I have let my DC membership lapse, because I really don't shop at TDS that much, and used AAA, AP or code rates the last several times at WDW. Did use the DC for my car rental though. Like you, I still don't know if I'm going to renew.:confused:

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I decided to renew because I figure a discount with the DC would be better than no discount if AP rates are not available for next December.
I can always use my card for other discounts like the Rainforest cafe.
By the way, what times of the year were you able to go to a Disney resort with an AP rate?
Being first time AP holders, ours are due in June. Would like to know where you renew them and I heard that the renewal rate is cheaper than the original purchase price. We purchased them in June and used them for 7 days and returned again in December and used them for 10.
Plan on returning again in April and these passes have been the best purchase ever. They gave us a better rate of discount then the DC but I still hold one, since 1977. Hard to give up!
I renewed by phone and charged it to my Disney Card.

They usually send you a reminder to renew via the mail. One time I just filled out the form, put my credit card info on it and faxed it to the number that was listed on the form.

www.waltdisneyworld.com will give you any info you want. They also have info for pass holder benefits etc. Of course, mousesavers keeps up updated on the latest pass holder discounts. Thank you Mary Waring!!
What is the AP discount? We have a disney club card that more than pays for itself at TDS. Is it cheaper to use the disney club or use the codes? Also where do you get the codes? ONe time I received a card in the mail but the last time I just called and they had a special at the Polynesian that gave us the same rates as Dixie Landings. But I have been calling and they are not offering anything yet. The lady tonight did say to look on the internet for a code, but I don't know what she is talking about.
AP rates are better than DC but are not always available especially at real busy times.

Check out http://www.mousesavers.com[/url] for information on how to save at Disney. It has the information on codes that can be used to save more than with the DC.


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