Disney Club Card


Harley Girl
Sep 15, 2000
It's time to renew my DC membership and with the benefits we get as DVC members, is there really a need for me to renew? Don't we get the same discount at TDS, the stores at Downtown Disney, miniature golf? We use points for our visits and I bought enough theme park passes through Connections for the next 2 years.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Pinky :confused:
The Disney Club will get you discounts at DD where DVC has no discounts.

If you won't be buying Hoppers or an AP, there is no DC advantagefor passes, but there isn't a DVC discount at DD except for some of the restaurants. The DC discount is NOT as good as it once was. There is a 10% discount using AmEx at DD at selected stores while staying at DVC resorts.

If you'll be buying $300 or more at the World of Disney over a 2 year period, the10% DC discount will pay for itself, since there is no DVC discount at that store.
As Doc said, there is no real big advantage for DC except park admissions. DC has discounts for hopper passes and AP's. The discount on AP's is only about $15, but for four of us, that more than pays for the DC annual fee. So we are keeping our DC membership.

When we were at OKW in early December, I could have <i>sworn</i> there was something on the "Member Benefits" sheet about DVC members now being entitled to the same benefits as those available with the AmEX white glove.

It was a certain percentage at a certain minimum purchase through 12/31/01, then the percentage and minimum would be changing on 1/01/02.

Do you still have your sheet from this last stay? Maybe I was dreaming...

The National car rental discounts more than pay for the DC Card.
The sheet we got at checkin last month said that DVC members were entitled to use the AMEX plan. You have to present an AMEX card at check-in to use it. AMEX requires that you charge at least 2 nights rooms on your AMEX card to use the plan, they used to say DVC members were not eligible since they did not charge rooms. But they changed it so that members can use it by putting their AMEX card down for room chargebacks. The AMEX discount changed from 15% to 10% effective 1-1-02 (good only at certain DD stores, not TDS).

I keep my Disney Club card for the pass discounts ($15 on an AP) and the National Car Rental (currently 20% off plus one free weekend night). The Disney Magazine is also included, a year's subscription separately would be $10.
Disney Club Card is great at ESPNZone. You can buy a $40 card for $20, (up to 4). Right there is a $80 savings. Adults ANd kids like the sports games once in awhile.

One other plus of the DC card is the Entertainment feature. I've got a trip to Nashville on business coming up next month, and at the Mariott Renaissance the card is saving me about $40/night over their best quoted convention rate. Not too shabby.
I am considering not renewing as well. Isn't the AAA discount on AP's the same as DC or is the AAA discount good only on park hoppers? :confused:
I'm pretty sure that AAA discounts only hoppers not AP's. I second the idea of not forgetting the entertainment discounts available with DC. We are going ot San Antonio in a few weeks and our king suite on the Riverwalk is $65 rather than the $210 rack rate because of DC and the entertainment feature.


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