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Dec 31, 2001
We are thinking of joining The Disney Club for $39.95. They currently offer a $50 onboard credit with membership. We sail on May 11, which should be a valid date for the voucher as far as I can tell. My question is: Can we use the voucher since we've already booked our cruise, or do you have to mention the voucher at time of booking? I asked a lady on The Disney Club's toll free # and she had no idea. I encountered similar confusion when I called DCL.

Also, I'd appreciate any feedback from current Disney Club members. What benefits do you enjoy most? Would you recommend joining? Thanks for the advice!
This is a limited time offer from the Disney Club and the first that I can remember that they offered it. I don't have a cruise booked during the period that the onboard credit is offered so it doesn't apply to me. Since they offered the credit, it changed my mind as to renewing my membership for another year and I called to renew last week.

In the past, we have always been able to take advantage of a promotion that DCL has offered even after a cruise was booked, so I don't forsee any problem with getting it applied to your booking. When you have your membership number, you can call your TA or DCL if you booked through them, and have it applied.

As for the Disney Club being useful, I have used it often to get discounts on ticket media and also Disney Resort hotels. You also get a discount if you shop in a Disney Store or with their catalog, or their online store. You can also get a discount if you shop at Downtown Disney in Orlando, and it has an Entertainment Card membership also. You can't use the Disney Club Card to get entertainment card discounts on hotels in the greater Orlando area though.

So I'd say it's very useful, and especially if you can get a $50 onboard credit by spending $39 now.
Just wanted you to know that you better call before and verify if they still have it available for your cruise. Apparently they have limited availability for it. I called to get it applied to my trip in April and the Cast Member for DCL told me that all the spots for that cruise had been taken...........So I would call DCL first...........
I know I am in the minority on this, but I got absolutely nothing but a cute pin and a nice membership card for my $39. since joining the Disney Club. Now we are cruising the week after the $50 shipboard credit promotion ends. I've tried booking rooms at DW with it and am always told nothing is avail. with the DC discount. I also feel that an awful lot of the offers are geared toward the Calif. park. My membership is up in Feb. and I will spend the money I saved on a nice tee shirt on my cruise! LOL

Thanks for all your feedback. We decided to give it a try and called today to join. There was still some confusion as to whether we could use the voucher, but the agent said he couldn't see why not. If we're disappointed, there is always the "money back guarantee."
I believe that there is still a special on Disney Club membership if you sign up before 2/15, $29.95. There is posting of the 4 digit code. If you need it please PM me.
For all my friends on this board, the four digit discount code to disney club membership ($10 off) is "HGEM". Best wishes.

I am a member of the Disney Club. I called to check on the credit for our May 4, 2002 credit. They told me I had to choose either the Castaway Club credit or the $50.00 credit. You couldn't get both. Has anyone else tried?

RAC :)
Too bad for me! I joined the Club before I saw Sink's msg about the $10 discount. Since I won't receive my membership materials for 2-3 wks, I'm not familiar with how the $50 credit works yet. What are the details of the Castaway Club credit?

Can't you call up disney club and ask for a $10.00 credit by telling them you got this referral from a "friend"?

To get the $50.00 disney club onboard credit for DCL, all you need to do is provide your Disney club membership number (you should of received one when you sign-up, don't need to wait for the card) and provide that number to your TA or DCL and they should give you the $50.00 onboard credit.
The Disney Club shipboard credit and the Castaway Club credit are not combinable with other offers. Sorry, it is one or the other.
Awesome! I just got off the phone with The Disney Club and they credited me for the $10 difference. I owe you one Sink!

Is there a charge for the Castaway Club? I was under the impression that you are an "automatic" member after taking your first Disney cruise. Was I wrong? If so, what are the charges?


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