Disney 3 day cruise May or November. HELP!!

greg capp

Earning My Ears
Mar 2, 2015
Hi all
First time Disney cruiser, we are currently booked on a 3 night Bahamas from Port Canaveral May 29th 2020.
We are also travelling to Orlando in November and have the opportunity to change our current cruise to November 1st 2019.
We will save £1500 doing this.
There are a couple of issues though.
My daughter is only 2 in November and will be 3 in May. Meaning she would not be able to use the kids club.
Also at the moment the is no main dining left in November but I can go on the wait list for it. What are the chances of getting main dining?
Few questions, will the weather be bad in November.
Can the seas be more rough, my wife is prone to sick sickness.
All I can see so far is the big saving in money lol


DIS Veteran
Sep 19, 2010
We also moved a 3-day from May to November, 2020. (I realize that you are contemplating moving yours UP to 2019.) May can be very hot whilst November is surely warm, but not hot, typically. Hurricane season is mostly a memory by November. I don't suppose you could sail on November 8th? That is a Very Merrytime Cruise with Santa and the whole ship decorated for the Holidays. In terms of your daughter, even at 3 she will have a level of care available to her. It would just be the next step up. (The Oceaneer Club, I believe.) In terms of dining, I know that they try their best to accommodate requests for early dining. I've known many who have gotten early dining when they were first assigned to late dining. 1,500 anything (Dollars/ Pounds) is a LOT of money. It would catch my attention too. I guess it depend on WHEN you want to sail. I hope your family has a wonderful time, no matter when.


The Mommy Fairy
Mar 5, 2018
People do seem to have good luck getting off the waitlist (you have to call to be added to the waitlist) or going to change it on board on the first day. I think you probably do have a decent chance because that is a mid-school-year cruise and not as popular as a holiday weekend or week sailing (the lower price reflects the fact that they are not selling as many rooms).

The nursery was a really good option for your two year old. There is a small upcharge($9 an hour) but even if our son had been three we would have used the nursery because you have to be fully potty trained to use the older kids' club for age 3 and up.

In terms of weather, we are sailing this November so that tells you how we feel about the weather! I think it is a really good time to go.

Another thing to consider since is that when you go on the cruise, you can book onboard a "placeholder" for a future cruise with a $250 deposit that can be used up to two years away, and you get 10% of the cruise price and an onboard credit of $100-200 depending on the length of sailing. That way if you love the cruise, you can book another next year or the year after for less--including some of the ones that sail out of Europe which might be cheaper for you given airfare.


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