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Apr 18, 2011
We are ruining a Fundraiser this year in conjunction with DDCC7, we have set the goal at $5000 and have worked with the folks at GKTW to keep it open from now till the end of DDCC7. We plan to do several livecast, shoutouts, 'Cheep" tele-a-thon tricks and shenanigans; inorder to keep the money coming in through out DDCC.

Give Kids the World - GKTW - Fund Raising-- http://support.gktw.org/goto/disdadsclub

Please sign up and join our team, or use this to promo.. The GKTW staff have agreed to run our fundraiser through the end of #DDCC7 and not cut it off at the end of 2018 like they normally do. Easier to remember links..http://gktw.disdads.club/ or http://gktw.ddcc.rocks


Mar 9, 2017
So awesome y'all are doing this. As a Wish Dad I can tell you first hand GKTW is a magical place and it's an experience you crave to have again. The amount of love and compassion we received from staff and volunteers made the ultimate Disney Trip for our family. We were Disney People before cancer, but going back on a Wish trip is like no other experience you can imagine. I'm thankful we had the opportunity and it helped us begin the healing process after my daughter's long victorious battle against cancer.


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