Discussion of Circumventing Disney Rules is Not Allowed; DIS Posting Guidelines, TPAS Moderators

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Nov 1, 2007
With our board policy of not enabling, condoning or promoting discussion of ways to circumvent established Disney company policies any further discussion on SDFP will be deleted.

This was a decision made by the Webmasters and Moderators.

Until everyone can get back on topic while following guidelines some threads might be temporarily closed.

After continued efforts asking posters not to discuss certain things it was the decision of the webmasters and moderators to take these actions

We would like for open discussion to continue in any and all aspects but we have to remind you of the guidelines, they are in place for a reason and we don't want to start issuing warnings or points because these guidelines aren't followed but if we see any repeat offenders, we will have no choice.

DISboard Posting Guidelines

In order that DISers keep in mind DISboards rules the link is posted
here .

Posts and posters are expected to comply with these guidelines at all times.

You may disagree with a poster’s viewpoint, and discuss the issue, but no name calling, being sarcastic or personal attacks.

It is often good advice if you see a thread or post which your are unhappy with to walk away and give yourself a time out. Alternatively use the report post button which will alert all the moderators and the webmasters to any post, where appropriate action if necessary will be taken. If you add a comment yourself you may also face infractions as per the guidelines.

The Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies Moderators are:



Aug 14, 1998
The MISSION of the DIS (and more specifically the TPAS Forum) is to be a family oriented, Disney related, travel planning site.

Towards that goal we have instituted (in 2015) and recently updated our site-wide policy stating:

"We (The DIS) do not enable, condone or promote discussion of ways to circumvent established Disney company policies."

Because our mission is to be a helpful trip planning resource, we want to help travelers understand Disney's policies and rules and how to apply those to their planning. Discussions of what the rules ARE ("here's the policy") are great. Discussions and descriptions of how to cheat or get around those policies are no longer welcome here.

Our goal is to be more consistent across the whole site, and a better and more positive trip planning resource.

Thanks, in advance, for assisting the DIS in accommodating our Mission.​
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