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    If you work for a hotel chain, anywhere in the world you might qualify for a discount at an Orlando hotel. It doesn't matter if you are a General Manager, Maid, Janitor, Maintenance, Corporate office worker, etc...

    For instance I work for a company that owns Best Western's, a Holiday Inn Express and a Days Inn on the West Coast.

    Each hotel chain, although independently owned, usually has a plan in place that offers great discount or sometimes even comp (complimentary) rooms for employees at different hotels, but part of the same chain.

    I was able to get a $39 rate on a wonderful hotel on the Oregon coast for my family. The rooms normally go for about $89. Recently a co-worker was travelling to Tennessee and was able to get a $119 room for $59.

    Call the franchise headquarter's number or talk to your GM and just ask. We could have stayed at the Nickelodeon Family Suites (Holiday Inn) this year during spring break for $59. Holiday Inn has a system where your GM can go onto the reservation computer and inquire. Best Western is a little less formal and you have to normally call & talk to the GM or fax a letter and then your GM must fill out a little yellow slip with your property number, etc...

    You usually have more luck getting a free or discount room if they are not filling up on the days you want!

    Unfortunately we wanted to stay on property again this year, so no discount. But if you are on a budget, work at a hotel chain and don't mind making a few calls and inquiries you can save big $$$$$ on your room.
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    I worked for a catering company several years ago for a summer at a college that was owned by Marriott. We got rooms anywhere there was an opening for $29 a night! It was a great deal! My DM worked there later and was able to get the same deal for us, so we have stayed in some really nice places for not very much money. Not sure if they still do it, because none of us work there anymore!

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