Discounted Room Block at WDW available President's day weekend!


Earning My Ears
Feb 28, 2000
Hello All,
I have some rooms blocked for my upcoming wedding at WDW on 2/17 and many guests can't make it or have already booked rooms. I have a committment with Disney to fill 30 rooms. As such, the following resorts have rooms blocked for my guests which I am offering for those of you planning a trip to Disney to use. The reservations are made directly with Disney Group Reservations, not with me. You only need to contact me so that I can fax you the reservation form which you can in turn use to send to Group Reservations to book your room(s). You can call them as well but mention it is for the Nocilla/Kantarakias wedding. The block is from 2/16-19-2001.


The rooms blocked are as follows:
Port Orleans Resort: $174 nite (4 guests allowed per room) {193.14 tax inclusive}
All Star Movies Resort: $104 nite (4 guests allowed per room) {116.48 tax inclusive}
All Star Music Resort: $104 nite (4 guests allowed per room) {116.48 tax inclusive}

Thank you and email me if you have any questions:
With booking 30 rooms, I would think you would get a group discount. How come the rates you gave are rack rate?


That rate is in fact a discount rate. The rack rate goes up for a holiday weekend so though I have the normal rack rate for my dates, it is cheaper than what would be if it was called in. I also wish the price could have been better but that is the best that could be done with the high demand holiday weekend!

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Thanks for your reply, but Disney hotel rates do not go up just for a holiday weekend. Their rates are based strictly on calendar dates and categorized as value season, regular season, peak season, and holiday season. Your 2/16 arrival date falls within the peak season (2/15/01-4/28/01) and the rates you quoted are rack rates for peak season. If someone gave you the impression that the rates given you were discounted because of the large number of rooms you booked, that someone is incorrect. Just thought you would like to know. Congrats on the upcoming wedding.



This is one of the first time that i can actually give some info on something like this :) I was checking into "group" rates for my daughter's choir group. We needed approx 18 rooms and even though it was a group, we were not allowed discounted rates for the rooms. The discount came in way of the park tickets. What a discount!! Example, a 4 day hopper was around $120 I believe. That bad part about it was that our choir director was afraid that we couldn't get cheap enough airline tickets so we didn't end up getting to book :( Go figure, SW has round trip tickets for $203 round trip including taxes. Gerri



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