Discount for All Star Sports in July


Earning My Ears
Aug 14, 2000
This is my first time ever post. I have been a lurker for months and have become addicted. I need to know if anyone knows if there are any discounts beginning June 30 thru July7 at All Star Sports? I know it will be hot and crowded, but this is the only time my 9 year old grand-daughter can go. It is her first trip and I am so excited to be going with her( I have been 5 or 6 times, once in the summer and once on New year's Eve so I know about hot weather and crowds). But I have never stayed on site and need all the advice I can get. Thanks ahead of time.


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Aug 19, 1999
Sorry that I missed your post first time around.
I am not aware of any discounts at the All Stars during your time frame. As you are aware, that is the height of the summer season, and I would be surprised to see any discounts offered for that time.
But I also suggest that you keep reading these boards. Because you just never know! :)
Again Welcome A Board! ;)

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