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    Jan 7, 2001
    DIS News Update (8/9)

    - Scandals Mar Universal Studios Japan
    - SeaWorld to Give Lakefront New Look
    - Changes for Epcot?
    - The Battle for Orlando
    - Disney wastes no time capitalizing on the PA Miners tragedy
    - Florida Theme Parks Report 2 Injuries in Latest Quarter
    - Disney's Finances No Walk in the Park
    - Travel Channel to feature Disney parks this August
    - Disney Improving Company Governance
    - Disney on the ropes as it reports lowered earnings

    Details on these stories, plus the current Orlando weather and 7 day forecast can be found on The DIS -
    Click Here for the Newsroom
    Discount Updates
    More hotels are dropping their rates during late August and Early September. For a list of all current deals

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