DIS/Dreams Unlimited China Adventure Oct 14th - 25th 2017 SOLD OUT!!!


Jun 20, 2005
This trip is completely sold out, so there is no need to list details or pricing. :)

Here is the list of participants:

Kevin & John
Kevin & Kathleen
Laurie & Brian
Chris, Chuck & Amy
Christy & Mike
Jeff & Val
Dave & Sally
John & Mickey
Ian & Diane
Brian & Frank
Karilynn and Wliiam
Jeremy & Tami
Michael & Cynthia
Jim & Linda
Laurie & Daniel

Let the research, plotting, planning and shenanigans begin....

Tokyo Disneyland Pre-Adventure Info (also located in Post 319)

Pre-ABD Tokyo Adventurers:

Kevin (DisneyKevin) & John (WebmasterJohn)
Jeff (OKW Lover) & Val
Brian & Laurie (Sarabi's Cubs)
Michael & Cynthia (belle41379)
Chris (christannj), Chuck & Amy
Michael (Merry Mouseketeer)
Rob (kuzco-like)
Steven (elcid3)
Chandra (bamagoofy)
Dave (macman752) & Sally
Ian (Ian&Diane) & Diane
John (tardis1029) & Micki
Karilynn (malia78) & William
Jim (jmccormick) & Linda (Talkingcatwife)

10/14 Flights from Tokyo to Hong Kong:

Out of Haneda -
Cathay Pacific #543 10:35am:
Michael L. & Cynthia
Brian & Laurie
Dave & Sally

HK Express early am:
Karilynn & William

China Eastern #576 8:40am
Jim & Linda

Out of Narita -
Air Japan #809 10:05am:
Chris, Chuck & Amy
John & Micki
Michael B.

Vanilla Air 10:45
Ian & Diane
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    Tokyo Info

    As I have time and find more info, I'll update. Please let me know if you find any info in your own research that you would like to share and I'll happily add it. Also, if you find any mistakes or have questions, please let me know!

    While Japan has the reputation for being expensive, I've found preliminary pricing (looking at rates for Oct 2016) to be less than WDW and DL for hotels and more than Hong Kong and Shanghai. As long we have a favorable exchange rate, this could be relatively budget friendly.

    Getting there

    Where to stay:
    There are 3 Disney hotels on property and a fourth is being built. There are also several other "good neighbor"-type hotels on property.

    The Disney hotels:
    Disneyland Hotel
    Hotel MiraCosta (at the entrance to Tokyo Disney Sea)
    Ambassador Hotel

    How to book a hotel room:
    It appears that booking begins 6 months prior to your stay. If you want to get an idea of availability for Oct 2017 for budgeting purposes, check now and you can see availability for Oct 2016 and use that as a guide. October 2016 is considered "regular" season in their dynamic pricing.

    Perks of staying at a Disney hotel:
    As with Disney hotels in the US, there are a few perks to staying onsite, so here are a few:
    There is a park hopper ticket available to hotel guests only that can be purchased upon arrival. When purchasing tickets online, you must designate which park you want to visit on which day.
    Early entry - Resort guest can enter the park 15 minutes early. (I don't know if this is daily.)
    DL and MiraCosta both offer free monorail passes.

    Park misc:
    Tokyo Disney is a very seasonal park/resort. Most everything - merchandise, food selections, popcorn flavors, events, parades - changes seasonally.

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    Tokyo would be fantastic to add since we are already on that side of the world, the issue for us is going to be if we have enough vacation time to swing it. I told Kevin that I would lean toward doing Tokyo before China only because it would be such a letdown to have to manage my own luggage after the ABD pampering, but if for some reason the other way works better then I guess we will just have to "suck it up" and schlep our own stuff around:rotfl2:

    By the way, hello to old and soon to be new friends



    When Yuba plays the Rumba on his Tuba...
    Dec 3, 2007
    Hilarious.. Didn't recognize that at first and had to google it. So funny. Saw it in Houston a couple of yrs ago. One of the best musicals of all time.
    I figured someone would get it! :thumbsup2

    Well, neighbor, looks like we will be flying out of IAH around the same time in October of 2017.

    Hoping DW and I can catch this guy to Tokyo...


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    We'll arrive into HK a couple of days early and may stay a couple of extra days in Shanghai. We probably won't have enough time to hit Tokyo DL on the same trip although that would be smart. We're considering the option of doing a separate Tokyo trip next year though with the whole family.