DIS 10th Anniversary

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    A message from Weaamster Pete

    DIS 10th Anniversary
    Hi folks:

    Believe it or not, on June 1st, we'll be celebrating 10 years online. I've been doing a series on our podcast on the history of the DIS, and the last installment will be on the show we air on June 1st (we normally do our shows on Tuesday's, but for the 10th anniversary, I want the show to go up on June 1).

    Anyway, I'm asking folks on the site (mods, WM's, site visitors, etc) to tell us about how the DIS has impacted you over the last 10 years. Whether it was in planning a special trip, in friends you've made, or in any other way. We'll be featuring these around the site, on the boards, and on our June 1st show. If any of you would like to write something up, you can email it to podcast@wdwinfo.com.

    I'm hoping to get a good response to this - I think the best way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary is to showcase the people who have made the site what it is - our moderators, our webmasters and of course, our visitors.


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