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    I am wondering if anyone has the dinner rotations onboard the Fantasy Eastern with San Juan excursion? I am trying to plan Palo and do not want to miss both nights of Animators Palate.
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    Nov 14, 2008
    Dinner rotations for Eastern with San Juan are the same as the other Eastern rotations.

    Theme nights/dress; menu

    1 – Cruise Casual; rotational menu by dining room

    2 – Formal; rotational menu by dining room

    3 – Cruise Casual; rotational menu by dining room

    4 – Pirate Night/Cruise Casual; Pirate In the Caribbean menu

    5 – Cruise Casual; Prince and Princess menu (no characters; menu theme only, not dress or dining room)

    6 – Semi Formal; Captain’s Gala menu

    7 – Cruise Casual; ‘Till We Meet Again menu

    Shows -as lasted posted on Disboards navigators

    1- Welcome Aboard

    1A- also noted in a post that there will be a tree lighting ceremony in the main lobby


    3- Wishes

    4-Pirates Night Fireworks

    5- Performer

    6- Believe

    7- See you Real Soon


    E = Enchanted Garden, R = Royal Court, A = Animator’s Palate, (A(1) is the Crush show, A(2) is the Animation show)

    You can wind up with 1 of 3 rotations, they are:




    (If you have this last, starting and ending with Animator’s, rotation your second visit to Animator’s will not be the Crush or Animation show because it is Pirate night, but I’ve read that they do play cartoon clips and such during dinner)

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