Dinner event at the Tam O'Shantar with Disney-related artists next Sunday Jun 23!


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Feb 20, 2009
Hi, a friend of mine is presenting her 17th annual Be Our Guest Dinner Event this year at Walt's favorite restaurant in Burbank, the Tam O'Shantar. You get to sit at a dinner table for 8-10 people with one of her Guests of Honor from your choices and also mingle with the others after dinner and maybe get some autographs and even sketches! This year's theme is Date Night at Disneyland so features Disney couples and includes Eric Goldberg ( the supervising animator for the original Genie in Aladdin), his wife color stylist wife Susan ( Fantasia 2000 +others), Mike & Patty Peraza ( Little Mermaid, Duck Tales , many others), Ruben Procopio ( maquette sculptor and also designed many of the WDCC figures) and his wife Jeanne ( WDCC Sketches magazine), Ken and Julie Duncan ( Duncan studios did the animation for Mary Poppins Returns!) and Floyd and Adriene Norman ( documentary on Netflix - An Animated Life).. Tickets still available : http://beourguestevent.com/welcome-to-be-our-guest-dinner-events-the-legendary-dinner-event/ for details
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