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  1. Mary Diehl

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    Jun 19, 2001
    Let me start off by saying ,that for the most part, our dining experiences were good. We felt fortunate to have ADR's for all restaurants because people were being turned away constantly. I want to make a note that we originally had all our ADR's for 4 people. We had a last minute add on with my older son. I was able to get 8 of our 11 changed to 5. Rose and Crown, Sci-fi and LeCellier could not accommodate 5-so they said. When showing up to Sci-fi and LeCellier, it was no problem and could seat all five of us. We cancelled our ADR's with Rose and Crown because we weren't hungry that evening. Also, my 12 yyo son had no problem ordering off the kids menu for almost every meal. Here is where we ate...

    Rainforest Cafe @ DTD-
    A kid's shrimpkin platter, 2 shrimp combo platters, a promo trio, and primal steak. soft drinks and n/a pinaColadas Tl $125.46 inc. 10% off using my AP We waited approx. 40min. The wait was after they called your name and then you waited in another line. They were very busy. This was at 7:30pm We were going to get the dessert, volcano, since everyone seemed to be getting it, but we were too stuffed.
    The icecream was good but it was madness in the shoppe. Nowhere to stand and yet you were constantly moved to a different area to wait for your icecream. 1 reg carmel/dark choc sundae, 1 lg. brownie sundae and 1 one scoop of cookie dough in sugar cone.Tl. $17.95

    Flame Tree BBQ @ AK- this was a very good meal. We sat in an area that looked out at Expedition Everest. The birds were aggressive and swooped in to steal a fry or two. I don't have the receipt but it was very good. I'm sure we were able to save 20% using DDE

    Jiko-this was our biggest disappointment and the only place we really had to wait even with ADR's. It was very dark in here and our waiter didn't seem to want to carry on a conversation. My two youngest boys hated their platters which was a very expensive mistake. I think this would be a nice place for just adults to casually dine. We were hoping for an experience like Emeril's Tchop chop over at Universal and we just didn't get it. 2 chicken -potato platters, filet mignon, scallops and a kids chicken platter and soft drinks $113.28 inc. 20% using DDE

    Mama Melrose's-
    This was a nice experience. We had a great waiter and helped some of us create a pizza that was not listed on the menu. He said they can create anything that's not on the menu. You just have to ask for it. Caesar salad, 2 pepp. pizzas, 2 chicken parm, chicken pizza and one hazelnut cheesecake-soft drinks Tl $79.58 inc. 20% using DDE

    Rainforest Cafe in AK-
    We had ADR's here unlike the one at DTD. They don't take them there. We were seated almost immediately. It was only my husband, middle son and myself. We got burgers and a banana cheesecake which my son loved. soft drinks Tl $49.86 saved 10% using my AP

    Liberty Tree Tavern-
    I loved this place. The hostesses and waiters were very friendly. The only thing I didn't like was that it was waaay too cold in there. I didn't notice it as much when we got our food. a crab cake appetizer, 3 clam chowders, 2 William Penn Pastas, kids burger, Pilgrims feast and pot roast. soft drinks and 1 pound cake and 2 Liberty shortcakes-I loved this!! My most favorite dessert on the whole trip Tl. $96.13 saved 20% DDE

    Sunshine Season Food Fair in Epcot at the Land pavillion
    Just grabbed some fast food and nothing to brag about Tl $37.54

    We loved this place too. We had the breakfast buffet. Alot to choose from and served us a special drink made with African juices. Brought us hot chocolate with no problem. Had a very nice waitress. Would definitely do again. Tl $57.91 saved 20% DDE

    Sci-fi Dine In-
    This was our third/fourth time here-can't remember. The food was always nothing to rave about but we like the atmosphere. I have to say that the food was quite good this time. We had a nice waitress which helped. This is what we ate...2 shakes, onion rings, reuben sandwich, cheeseburger, rib plate, bbq chick, and shrimp penne pasta. Soft drinks Tl $78.86 saved 20% DDE

    Cape May Cafe-
    Again, what a nice experience. This was right at our hotel, the BCR. This was the only meal I felt really uncomfortable after leaving. I ate way too much. There was alot of food to try and the desserts were delicious. We had a nice waiter and they cover your table with paper so the kids can color with crayons they give you. Tl $110.72 saved 20% DDE

    Beaches-n-cream-ate here several times for dessert. Those sundaes sure are big. saved 20% DDE every time we ate there The one waitress encouraged my husband to purchase the mug for $11.99 since he mentioned he drank alot of coffee. This way he could fill up anytime at the resort for free refills

    Coral Reef-
    I was a little disappointed in this place for it was so dark again and the portions were small. My youngest got the soft drink with the glow-in-the-dark ice cube. I read the menu wrong and thought the drink was $3.99, here it was $6.29-ouch! Oh well, he can add this to his souvenirs. Several of us got the n/a coconut breezes-very good!! Kids pizza, NY strip steak,2 Lobster soups, calamari rings, diver shrimp special, 2 Mahi Mahi entrees. Also the diver dessert and chocolate wave. Very good Tl $114.03 DDE

    San Angel Inn-
    I've misplaced the receipt but I know we saved 20% DDE. The restaurant was dark which I already knew. They start off by giving you a basket of torilla chips. You have to watch though, for you could fill up on just those. For the most part, the food was good but the chicken burritos were a little too hot and spicy. Our waitress was o.k. but seemed a little snotty. I'd eat here again though.

    ESPN Club-
    We put our names in and about 20 minutes later we were seated. Ordered 2 hot wings, n/a pina coladas, reuben sandwich, footlong hot dog, kid's hamburger, and tuna sandwich. We were seated by the window so we could watch people walking on the boardwalk. My husband didn't really care for his hot dog and said he enjoyed the hot dog he got over at the AK food cart alot better. Tl $62.07 DDE

    Very good food. Nice waitress. soft drinks, 1 van shake, 1 choc rasp shake, 2 cheese soups, 2 prime rib sandwich(which by the way, tasted and looked just like a cheesesteak you'd get back here in PA- It was good though), seasonal pasta, kid's chicken nuggets and the petit filet. We also got 3 choc. "moose" and the Canadian Club cake. The cake was chocolate with some orange/citrus drizzle which I didn't care for but the cake itself was good. Tl $107.04 DDE

    I hope these reviews help you and I would gladly answer any questions.
  2. tinkerbeth

    tinkerbeth Goin' back soon!!

    Apr 13, 2004
    Thanks for the great reviews! We've done dde before too when we were ap holders and are trying the ddp for the first time this year (for free! :cheer2: )

    Glad you had such great experiences. :)

    Beth :wave2:
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  4. DeterminedOne

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    Oct 25, 2004
    Very helpful - thanks for sharing.
  5. jpolak

    jpolak DIS Veteran

    Mar 28, 2005
    Sounds like you had a great time! Looking forward to using DDE for the first time. Do you present the card when you order or when you ask for the bill? Thanks.
  6. Minniespal

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    Jan 14, 2003
    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
  7. TruBlu

    TruBlu DIS Veteran

    Mar 21, 2006
    Thanks for sharing. I think you've given me a couple of places to try next time! :goodvibes
  8. Mary Diehl

    Mary Diehl DIS Veteran

    Jun 19, 2001
    In referenence to using our DDE card: in the beginning I didn't think to mention I had the card till our meal was done. But as the week went on, I tried to be helpful in letting them know I had it in the beginning. This way they weren't going back and forth making the changes. I also had Traveler's checks so this made more running back and forth. I finally caught on towards the end, and was able to get everything done in one transaction. I wanted to mention too that not one waiter/waitress acted like it was a problem making the change on our receipt. Once I presented them with our card, they all responded by "O.K., we'll make the change and I'll be right back". Some did, however, mistake my mentioning the card thinking I was on the ddp. I corrected them in telling them it was the DDE and then they understood. Never a problem at the restaurants and all seemed to be aware of it. I even saw a register at one of the restaurants have a place to hit DDE on their computer.

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