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    Me - 30, paid for whole trip as a gift to my parents and I don’t care what food costs as long it tastes good, love seafood and fish, not a burger person.
    Mom - 51, can’t make decisions so I usually end up ordering for her.
    Dad - 56, loves deep fried chicken fingers and all you can eat buffets.

    Note that we did eat a few meals off property and I have included them as well as Disney eats.

    Feb 9th
    Breakfast - we had stayed off property the night before and the hotel had a free continental breakfast but it was so noisy and crowded that we went to Ponderosa for their buffet (Dad’s suggestion). It was $14 for 3 adults with 1 bottle of orange juice.
    Rating C Average breakfast but a great price.

    Dinner - after a late night at the EMH’s at the Magic Kingdom, not too much was still open so we went off property again but this time to Denny’s. Mom and I got sandwiches and Dad got their Grand Slam. It was $23 with 3 non alcoholic drinks and tip.
    Rating C+ Safe choice, good food, average price.

    Feb 10th
    Lunch - Electric Umbrella at Epcot. Mom got the Turkey & Münster Sandwich with pineapple coleslaw and I got the Ham & Swiss on Pretzel bread with same coleslaw, Dad got the chicken fingers with fries. We shared 1 large diet coke. It was $23.82.
    Rating B+ Good fast food. The sandwiches were fresh and there was a topping bar so I could have all the tomato I wanted on my sandwich. Dad has rated Disney chicken fingers as the #1 in the world.

    Dinner - Le Cellier at Epcot. Had 7pm PS but showed up at 6:30 and was seated by 6:40pm. Thank goodness we had a PS because they were not accepting any walk ups. Mom and I each started with the Cheddar cheese soup and Dad had the beef and barley. All were excellent. Mom had the Pork tenderloin (good), I had the Salmon with noodles (very good) and Dad had the
    Prime Rib (we all agreed it was the best by far). We shared the dessert sampler platter and all three items (Canadian Club cake, Maple creme brulee, and Sorbet) were amazing! Mom and I each had a diet coke and dad had ordered a coffee after asking if it was good coffee. The waiter assured him that it was very good coffee but my Dad did not enjoy it (said it was very weak) so it was replaced with a diet coke as well. Total before tip was $101.72 (added $20 tip).
    Rating A+++ Can not say enough good things about this restaurant. All the food was served hot and fresh and the service was good. The only thing we didn’t enjoy was the wild rice that came with the pork. It was actually a little too “wild” and aromatic.

    Feb 11th
    Lunch - Backlot Express in MGM. Mom and I shared the turkey Panini and Dad again had chicken fingers. The turkey Panini came with cranberry coleslaw and the fingers came with fries. Again we shared 1 large diet coke. Total was $16.48.
    Rating B Good but the bread was a little plain and dry.

    Dinner - Mom’s 50 Prime Time Diner at MGM - Made a same day PS for 5:35pm but showed up at 5pm and was seated within 10 min although they were not taking walk ups until after 6:30pm (because Fantasmic was at 7pm that night). Dad had the pot roast and mom and I split the fried chicken and then split a piece of snickers cheesecake. The chicken came split onto two plates,
    the cheesecake came with 2 forks. Again 3 diet cokes. Total before tip $40.30 (added $8 tip).
    Rating A Hearty food, filling large portions and some of the best cheesecake.

    Feb 12th
    Snacks in the morning - shared a pretzel and a frozen lemonade - $3.08 and $3.51 respectively. The pretzels are good when warm but when they cool down they are just bread. The lemonade was tart and very cold, just what we wanted.
    Rating B+ Just enough when shared but would not want either on my own.

    Afternoon Tea for Mom and I - honestly I have no idea what or if my dad ate because there were no charges from him this afternoon. But the tea, it was incredible. I got the lemon verbena and mom got the black currant. I decided to order a la carte so we could try more items. We started with the gentleman’s platter because I had always wanted to try all of those weird
    pates and meats. It was okay (had it once probably wouldn’t order it again and I definitely did not like the Stilton cheese). Then we shared an order of Sally Lunn bread, and order of scones, an order of lemon pound cake and a bowl of strawberries and cream. The waitress split everything down the middle onto two plates and it was very filling. She brought each piece out one by one as we finished the previous item. It was such a nice break from the parks. The room was quiet but cheery in a Victorian style. The total came to $34.16 and I left an $8 tip.
    Rating A+++++ a must do for each trip.

    Dinner - Mom was tired so she stayed at the hotel (POFQ) and had the chicken Parmesan with a side salad ($9.58). Dad and I ate at the Cheesecake Factory Express at Disney Quest. We shared a chicken and mushroom Panini and a plate of pasta with meat sauce. All were very large portions and there were leftovers from all three of us. Total for dad and I $15.38 and that
    included the souvenir cup with diet coke (see a pattern with the diet coke!)
    Rating A I would not hesitate to eat at the food court or Disney quest.

    Feb 13th
    Breakfast - Dad was up early and hit Dunkin donuts (cause he needed a good coffee) so he brought back a donut for him and cinnamon sticks for Mom and I.
    Rating D I would not get the cinnamon sticks again cause they were hard and tasted like cardboard.

    Snacks at animal kingdom - purchased another souvenir cup (with the gorillas) a pretzel and a churro. I love the cup, it’s so cute. The pretzel was okay but I do not like churros. It was very cinnamon-y which was great, but it was hard and too crispy. Total $13.32 with a refill on the pop.
    Rating B Filled us up and I think I’ll be using that cup just about everyday.

    Dinner was off site at the Golden corral. We had gone to the Character Premiere store to do some shopping and my dad saw the buffet restaurant and he chose to go there. This was the last decision we let him make because it was awful. If you are offsite, avoid this place like the plague. Total was $36.76 with 3 diet cokes and trust me the pop was the best part of the meal.
    Rating F It was horrible, enough said!

    Feb 14th
    Snacks at the Magic Kingdom - 2 mickey bars for mom and I while dad rode the train a few times (he is a train buff). Excellent! What could be better, premium ice cream covered with rich chocolate. Total $5.
    Rating A+++++++++++ The best $5 I spent the entire trip.

    Lunch at Planet Hollywood. We had a $25 certificate from our dream maker package that was use or lose today since this was the last day of the package. We split an order of the chicken crunch fingers, an order of the potato skins, an order of Tostados, and a spinach and Parmesan dip. Mom and I had diet cokes and dad just had water. Total after $25 certificate was $16.85 and left an $7 tip. This was so good, I would have gladly paid cash for the whole thing.
    Rating A It was all really good but especially the spinach dip and potato skins. Well worth the time and money and we didn’t actually finish everything.

    Dinner at O’hana’s. I wanted a special last night dinner and since I had heard such great things I booked this. I was not disappointed. We had a table right by the window and everything was incredible. The wings and green beans were a favourite with all three of us. I loved the shrimp (but mom found them too spicy even after peeling) dad loved all four of the meats. The steak
    was pink, the turkey was moist and the pork was sizzling. The pineapple and caramel was the perfect ending. Total was $79.84 plus a $12 tip.
    Rating A Definite must do again. Service was great and the food was wonderful.

    And that’s it. Checked out the following morning and headed up to Atlantic City to relax after Disney World.

    If you have any question, feel free.
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    Thanks for sharing. You are a great to your parents. I can only hope my DD's are as good to me when they grow up!

    Sounds like a blast. Glad you had fun. (and ate well.) I can't wait. 4 days to go!
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    Loved your reviews. Thanks for sharing them!
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    Thanks for the great report. We also ate at Le Cellier & 50's Prime Time in December and liked both alot. :flower:
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    Great reviews. thanks so much for sharing. If you happen to go again, try the Sci Fi Drive in at MGM. It sounds like you and your parents would truly enjoy that experience.
    :earsgirl: :earsboy: :earsboy: :earsgirl:
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    Great reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    Thanks for the reviews!!! princess:

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