Dining Reviews: April 26-May 6

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    We just got back, we did mostly counter service but a few sit downs. I wish in some ways we had done the dining plan. I know we would have saved money but I wanted this trip to be very go with the flow, and didn't feel like making tons of ADR's. Also, we had so much full service our last two trips, as we travelled with older family members and needed that structure. We got sick of eating and sick of running to ADR's often at the expense of other things we wanted to be doing. Add to that I am down 20 pounds on Weight Watchers and didn't want any excuses to eat more than I needed. Still, it probably would have made sense, who knows :confused3 . But here is a recap:

    April 26:
    Arrived into Orlando at 4:15 and had a 7:30 ADR at San Angel Inn in Mexico. This was a great meal. We have eaten there two other times. First time it was crummy (but my daughter spilled her lemonade all over me so that could have made it crummy) and the second time it was pretty good. This night it was wonderful. I had a combo plate and DH had a seafood combo. My 11 year old had nachos and my daughter had chicken fingers. Everything was really good. My son loved his nachos and our server was wonderful. We just really enjoyed our evening. I had some sort of light Mexican beer that really took the edge off of a day of travel!

    April 27:
    Had Pop Century food court for lunch (slept through breakfast). I had a turkey sandwich out of the cooler. It was very good but it was $7.00 which was ridiculous. My son Matthew had nachos and DH had a cheeseburger. Maria, my 9 year old daughter shared with everybody else. We also got two things of fruit out of the cooler. This was an expensive meal, due to the purchase of two mugs and the fruit and turkey sandwich. We also got two desserts out of the cooler, cake and some pudding with worms in it. I think the items off the grill are a good deal but the coolers are killer on the budget. Our meal was $66, now $24 of that was for the mugs but still expensive. The cm told me how much I would have saved on the dining plan with this meal. Thanks, I needed to hear that. Get the dining plan next time he yelled after me as I left. Later when I went back to refill my soda he was still on my case about the dining plan!

    Dinner that night was Village Haus at MK. Now I have yet to hear anything good about this so I was leary but my kids wanted to eat there and it was a good location for what we were doing that night. I shared a turkey paninni with Matthew and my husband had an antipasto salad. Maria had mac and cheese. It was all really good. The paninni was really good, Matthew was wanting his own, I almost went back and got another one! So maybe we hit it on a good night, no idea we didn't make it back there again.

    April 28:
    Lunch at Sci Fi. We love this place. The kids shared a kids burger which they were nice enough to split on two plates. I asked the waiter if our 11 year old could do this and he said no problem, he gets sick of throwing out uneaten meals all day. I had the chicken caeser salad and my husband had a burger with bacon and mushrooms. It was all great, quick service and just a lot of fun.
    Had dinner that night at the Pop food court, the usual nachos, burger routine. I got some more fruit out of the cooler but skipped the turkey sandwich this time and shared my son's burger to save some $$. It was all good.

    April 29:
    Had breakfast in the Pop food court. My daughter got a huge order of strawberry pancakes. I got a small box of raisin bran thinking she wouldn't eat them all and we could share. She polished them off but did allow me one bite. They were tasty. They came with sausage which my husband ate. He got some breakfast combo with eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and a biscuit. My son got a croissant sandwich. It was all good and it wasn't too expensive, I think breakfast is a good deal at the food courts.

    Had a late lunch at Columbia Harbour House. We split tuna sandwich, a ham sandwich and one combo basket. It was too much food after that big breakfast. But we had a late ADR (8:50) at Chef Mickey's for dinner and I knew we couldn't hold out that long, big breakfast or not.
    Dinner at Chef Mickey's was really good. The pesto crusted salmon was delicious. The prime rib was not so great, but I am not a big prime rib eater so I took maybe two bites. I loved the mashed potatoes as always. The salads and peel and eat shrimp was really good, they had wonderful fruit on the salad bar. I skipped dessert but Dan and the kids said it was all really good. None of us ate that much, we had too big of a lunch at Columbia Harbour House. Fairly good character interaction, they were all rushed at first but as the evening wore on and so many people left they all came around again and that was nice. I know a lot of people don't care for Chef Mickey's for dinner but we always enjoy it and this night was no exception!

    Sunday, April 30:
    Switched over to Boardwalk Villas today. Had lunch at Big River Grille. I had had a chicken caesar salad, Dan had a turkey sandwich with chips, Maria had a hot dog and Matthew had mac and cheese. It was all wonderful, they messed up my order by not putting my dressing on the side and after a few minutes I was so hungry I just decided to heck with it and ate it as it was. So much for calorie counting! Dan's sandwich was very good and the kids liked their meals a lot. We sat outside which was so wonderful and had a nice view of the lake and the boardwalk. We really liked this place, it was our first time there and we will definitely go again sometime.
    Dinner was hotdogs at Fantasmic, what can I say about those except they were tasty!

    Monday, May 1:
    Had lunch at the cs place in Japan. It was really good, we have always enjoyed that. The kids love their kids meal which is a great buy with chicken, rice and veggies. Dan and I both had the combo with the teriyaki chicken, shrimp tempura and the beef. It was all great.
    We were supposed to have dinner at 1900 Park Fare but friends from home were also in Epcot that day so we ended up hooking up with them. I called and cancelled our ADR about 4 hours before our scheduled time, I felt bad but they said don't worry, somebody else would snag it. I was disappointed as I had really looked forward to that as had Maria. But it was so much fun being with our friends we didn't mind too much. We went to Fantasmic again, they hadn't seen it. We had burgers at Rosie's (I think that's what it is, its the burger place near TOT and RNRC). They were pretty good, the fries were sort of nasty however.

    Tuesday, May 2:
    Had lunch at Pecos Bills. It was great, I am always amazed at the creative ways Dan and Matthew can find to put that cheese sauce on everything. You'd think they'd never had cheese sauce before. Maria had a hot dog from Casey's which even by the time we got to Pecos Bills, waited in their line and found a table was blistering hot and burned her tongue! Those foil wrappers do the trick.
    Dinner was Rainforest Cafe at DTD. We love RFC and can't miss it. We split a pizza and an appetizer sampler between me, Dan and Matthew. Maria had grilled cheese and some pizza. Since she won't eat the crust and didn't like the fries, she needed some of that pizza! We didn't finish everything, that appetizer sampler is enormous and the pizza was way bigger than I had imagined it would be. It was all excellent.

    Wednesday May 3:
    Had the Cape May character breakfast. It was all very good, the bacon was all wilty and some of it looked positively undercooked. I saw a manager take the whole vat of it off the buffet and then bring out another one so somebody must have complained. Everything else was great, the fruit was wonderful. Our server was very nice, the characters were wonderful. This was our first time here and we loved it.
    Dinner was Pecos Bills again, more cheese sauce for Dan and Matthew. Maria opted for another hot dog from Casey's.

    Thursday, May 4:
    Lunch was flame tree BBQ in AK. This was really good and our first time eating there. I had the smoked Turkey sandwich, Dan had the bbq beef sandwich, Matt had the bbq pork sandwich and Maria had a hot dog. The kid loves hot dogs can you tell? It was all really good and sitting down by the river was so nice on a hot day.
    Dinner was pizza from the takeout window on the Boardwalk (Spoodles I think). We had a half cheese/half pepperoni and it was great. Really good pizza, the only decent pizza I have ever had at WDW. We ate by the Luna Pool, it was our last night at BWV so were sad, but enjoyed our pizza!

    Friday, May 5
    Lunch was Prime Time Cafe. Our first time here, we loved it. I swear they found my mom's old kitchen in a landfill and put it in the waiting area! I had the pot roast, kind of stringy just like my mom's. It was huge, no way could I eat all of that. Dan had the meatloaf which was really good and a much smaller portion. Matthew had the chicken pot pie. It was really delicious, I took a few bites of his mushrooms! He ate the whole thing to avoid having to get up and sing "I'm a Little Teapot" like the poor guy next to us did when he didn't clean his plate! The grandpa on the other side of us hid his leftovers in a napkin to avoid that fate! But Mom busted him anyway but let him off the hook! Maria had, you guessed it, a hot dog. She also had some of my pot roast, Dan polished off at least half of it too, talk about a slab of beef.
    Dinner was the All Star Music food court. We had two double burgers split four ways. They were tasty and huge. We also split a piece of chocolate cake and some grapes. Tasted exactly like the food at the Pop food court!

    Saturday May 6:
    Had lunch at the food court, we didn't have any days left on our park hoppers and didn't feel like going to DTD or anyplace else. The kids swam while Dan and I split a taco salad. This was not a salad. This was like nachos. It was drowning in cheese sauce and taco meat and had maybe two tablespoons of shredded lettuce, all soggified by the cheese sauce. Dan thought it was truly delicious and I let him have at it! I shared a burger with Matthew and Maria had one final WDW Weenie! Then it was time to get on ME and head home. We enjoyed all of our meals. I was able to make the Prime Time and Cape May ADR's while we were there so that was nice. I wanted to get us into Crystal Palace or LTT but never could. I had an ADR for LTT which I cancelled awhile back thinking we wouldn't want to eat there since we always do. Big mistake, I will NEVER live down! I also tried for Donald's Breakfastsaurus and couldn't get that either. In spite of low park crowds the table service places were all packed. I think I will hop on board the dining plan next time!
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    Thank you for sharing your reviews. (My daughter went through a chicken finger phase that I thought would never end!) It sounds like you had a relaxing trip.
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    It was relaxing, the first time I have ever come home from WDW not feeling like I need a separate vacation to take away the exhaustion! And since Maria is not allowed to eat many hotdogs or have soda at home, all of the hotdogs and refillable mugs at WDW are really appealing!
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    Thanks for the reviews!!!
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    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.

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