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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by GrammieMame, Mar 5, 2004.

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    Jan 6, 2000
    Our standard on-arrival first stop was Beaches & Cream, where we shared a burger and a side order of onion rings (my favorite). He gets to eat the fries, I get the rings to myself. Also shared a No Way Jose that was good to the last drop. This is our standard meal here, we like it so much we can't seem to get to any of the other menu items.

    WS browsing for lunch: My DH got his usual bratwurst with kraut and a beer at the German pavilion, and was happy as always. I got an open face ham & cheese from Norway and carried it down to Germany to eat with him. It was excellent ham and cheese with some interesting sweet pickles.

    Flying Fish: We were at BWV, so the location was great - a 3 minute trip from the hotel. I have a hard time here breaking out of my fried oyster appetizer and a salad for an entre and went with it once again. As always, the oysters were way above average, with a crusty (but not overcooked) batter and just right oysters. The frisee/walnut/pear/brie salad was outstanding (I don't care for pears, so didn't eat that part). My DH had the potatoe crusted snapper, which was very good. He liked mine better, however, and wished there was a "carb" on the plate. We both had a creamy and perfectly seasoned potato soup. Pistachio cake with a chocolate center for dessert, which we agreed was good but not great. We were seated immediately and service was excellent.

    Le Cellier: This is one of our favorites and we do it on every trip so far. Cheddar cheese soup for starters (gotta love it), but I have never been that crazy about the famous pretzel bread. We split a N.Y. strip, medium, and it was perfectly cooked and delicious. Roasted potatoes and veggies came with it. Even sharing the meal, we were full and didn't have any dessert.

    Rose & Crown: A first for us. We love England, so I thought the atmosphere would be fun for us, and it was. We were seated in the area adjoining the pub part, and it was fun to see people wandering in and out while we were eating. I requested an outside table, but didn't get it. But our excellent waiter (Tom from Reading) immediately told us he would take us to the VIP viewing area under the restaurant before Illuminations began. Our PS was at 8:00 so it worked out perfectly, since we finished right before 9:00. It was a bit crowded out there by then, but we could see just fine and didn't have to fight for a spot. DH had fish & chips, which he liked, and I had roast chicken with an ice cream cone shaped serving of stuffing, mash potatoes and green beans. I never met a stuffing I didn't like, but this was overcooked and too hard on the outside. The green beans were a bit undercooked, but the mash potatoes were very good. For dessert, DH had warm apple crumble with ice cream, which he loved. I had had sticky toffee pudding in England, and really liked it, so I tried the Rose & Crown version. Not quite the real thing, but good, but Very Very sweet. It was a good experience, but I probably wouldn't go back. Too many other restaurants to explore.
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    Great reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    Jan 25, 2000
    Yummy reviews. DH and I tried Flying Fish a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Rose and Crown is on our list for next time. Boo-hoo, still a year away! Thanks for taking the time to write. Dawn
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    Mar 30, 2003
    That is the beauty of lunch at Epcot! You can find what you want and then meet up with your party to eat. Saves so much time deciding where to go. To each his own!
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    Sep 16, 2000
    Thanks for the reviews....I think I'm going to have to try Rose and Crown for my next trip...I love fish and Chips!! That was nice you were able to watch illuminations without an outside table.

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    Your reviews::yes::

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