Dining plan vs TIW card?

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by Jennygt, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Jennygt

    Jennygt DIS Veteran

    Aug 13, 2005
    We always have done the diing plan, 1ts/1cs/1snack per day. Like not having to "pay" lol while there. While it was much better in the past, the plan works for us. I have been thinking about perhaps switching and getting a TIW card this trip? we normaly go for 10days. 4 adults, ds 7 and dd3? Any thoughts on doing this? Thanks!
  2. sharonabe

    sharonabe DIS Veteran

    May 22, 2009
    The only way you're going to know for sure is to do some virtual dining and do the math of what you might order to see if TIW will save you more.

    We are a family of 4 Disney adults and the catch for us is the FOUR desserts on the table at the TS restaurants. We don't need or want FOUR desserts. We are more than happy sharing just one. That starts the savings for us. Then the desserts that come with the QS meals either multiply in the resort fridge or get half eaten. So there's more savings. We can easily share apps/entrees or combo meals and feel completely satisfied and happy. And we're okay with either no buffets or just one or two.

    But your family may be different. You'll need to give a little more info of where and how you WANT to eat to determine if the TIW will be a better way to go.
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  4. Marionnette

    Marionnette Children see magic because they look for it

    Sep 26, 2009
    I cannot recommend this website enough!

    You need to have Excel on your computer to use it and it does require a download. But it has been an enormous help in deciding whether to get the DDP or the TiW. You do have to have an idea of what TS restaurants you might eat at in order to fill it out. For me (4 adults, staying 9 nights, 1 TS per day - some signature meals, appetizers, some desserts and wine with dinner), I came out ahead by a couple hundred dollars. Well worth it since we will have PAPs and intend to go again within a year's time.
  5. Kelleigh710

    Kelleigh710 Mouseketeer

    Jan 25, 2010
    I feel like I have agonized over the decision for my trip too. It's just DH and I and we will be there for 10 days in November, but for a split stay. So while we are at the Dolphin for 3 nights, the DP is not available to us and we have the TIW card. So I will be doing a hybrid of DDP and TIW. We'll see how that works out!:idea:
  6. Wendybird55

    Wendybird55 DIS Veteran

    Jan 4, 2008
    OK I JUST did a figure for TiW vs DDP..we're going in Aug. for 10 days. I have all my ADRS...a good amount of them are family / style buffet meals. DS LOVES breakfast - so each day we have TS breakfast and TS dinner. I figure we will do snacks in afternoon or split a CS meal. We have Fantasmic dinner one night which does not accept TiW.

    I figured out cost of 9 of or TS meals: 7 character breakfasts, 1 character dinner (Chef Mickey) and Mama Melrose Fantasmic with TiW (I purposely included Mama Melrose because Fantasmic is not on TiW).

    I figured meal cost (using 20% discount) and tax. I did not include tip as it would be same with TiW and DDP. I used pricing from allearsnet and used the lowest price of the range as we'll be there end of Aug. and I don't think that's peak. There are 3 of us - 2 adults, 1 child.

    Total cost for the 9 meals with TiW is $605.90.

    DDP for the 3 of us for 9 nights is $1155.06 leaving a $549.16 difference which would account for 9 CS, 27 snacks and refillable mug on DDP.

    DS loves Mickey bars and popcorn so that's where most of our snack credits will go. I averaged around $3.75 per snack based on that and came up with $101. (TiW doesn't include snacks)

    I looked at some CS menus and figured about $35 for all 3 of us per meal - adult prices around $10 each and child around $6-7 plus tax. For 9 days that comes out to $315

    So if I was to pay for 3 snacks and 3 CS a day it would cost around $416. Leaving $149.16 on DDP cost and I don't think refillable mugs are almost $50each!

    So based on my calculations...

    9 TS, 27 snacks and 9 CS with TiW for 2 adults, 1 child is: $1,021.90

    DDP 9 nights for 2 adults and 1 child is: $1155.06 - $133.16 more than using TiW and again...I don't think 3 refillable mugs is $133.16 - and chances are we would probably get 1 refillable mug mostly for my husband's morning coffee.

    So I think TiW is a better value and I've used DDP or DxDP every trip. Especially since we probably won't be spending as much on CS and TiW does have a few CS discounts and the real saving will be the other TS meals that are not buffets and we have no restrictions on what we can order...can share an appetizer and have no dessert or order form adult menu for son if kids menu doesn't appeal to him and get discount on glass of wine...
  7. crazybones27

    crazybones27 DVC Member

    Aug 24, 2008
    The only thing is you have to factor in the tips when doing your figures for TIW since they are automatically charged at 18%. If you want a true cost of what you're spending for those meals.

    We use to only do the DDP and now we are completely in love with the TIW. We do enjoy our character meals and regular sit downs, but now we do one about every other day instead of every day. We've found this works great for us. Good luck with your decision. We are so much happier with the TIW.
  8. abdgeek

    abdgeek DIS Veteran

    Jul 29, 2012
    Make sure you check the list of restaurants that take the TIW. It's not accepted at most QS and it's also not accepted at every TS restaurant. You also won't be able to use it when you get a snack at a food cart or kiosk.

    I'm using TIW when I go this summer to WDW instead of getting the dining plan to compare what I spend. I'm staying at BLT and already know that I can't use TIW at Contempo Café(QS), so my breakfast each morning will be OOP and I won't save any money there or on the snack that I get each day. It's also not accepted at Teppan Edo. There is a trade off for using the TIW. You just have to decide if the flexibility of eating whatever you want for your TS meal is better than having the prescribed items that the dining plan requires you to order.
  9. Wendybird55

    Wendybird55 DIS Veteran

    Jan 4, 2008
    Also remember...if you have APs it includes some food discounts on CS so you can use that where TiW isn't applicable. And things like Fantasmic Dinner Package even though it isn't include on TiW we were able to use our TiW card for the wine ordered since it's not park of the regular Fantasmic meal package. Basically with TiW and AP (new to both this year) I find myself asking if either can be used if I'm buying something - it doesn't hurt and you never know.
  10. btk2333

    btk2333 BCV DVC owner

    Dec 14, 2010
    I almost always tip 18% anyway (sometimes 20%), and you have to tip with DDP anyway, so that's a wash
  11. tgropp

    tgropp DIS Veteran

    Jan 3, 2007
    I tried to make the math work for TIW card while we go over the Christmas holidays but I concluded that it is cheaper for the DDP. There are the holiday surcharges and the TIW card is not for use on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Any other time of the year , it is a great deal.

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