Dining Plan Rocks-July 5-11 Reviews (Long)

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  1. togatrackgirl

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    Apr 26, 2006
    We just got back from our honeymoon at Disney and wanted to give everyone some reviews about the food we ate.

    First of all we were on the dining plan which to us was well worth the price. I can tell you we never went hungry! We basically ordered the most expensive thing off of every menu to make sure that we got our money's worth and believe me we did!

    Day 1:

    We arrived late so we hit the food court at POR for a counter service meal. Extremely busy with long lines. We both had the double bacon cheeseburger baskets, cokes and ice cream for dessert. This counter service was just ok compared to some of the other great ones we sampled.

    Day 2- Epcot:

    Lunch 12:30 ADR's at Coral Reef - Table service

    We arrived at 12:20 for our reservations and were seated within 5 minutes on the second "wave". It was so nice to get out of the blazing hot sun and very cool to watch the fish swim by while we were eating. The sea turtles were awesome to see and we couldn't beleive how big the grouper in the tank was! Plus they served us complimentary champagne and strawberries for our Honeymoon! What a nice way to start off our trip!

    Anyways to the food..... We had exactly the same meals. Shrimp coctail for our appetizer, the serloin steak for our entree, and the chocolate wave for dessert.

    I was very hesitant before we left about dining at CR, but let me tell you it was our favorite meal of the entire trip! So much so that we went back on the final day again for lunch. :thumbsup2 The shrimp cocktail was perfect, the sirloin was the best; cooked perfectly medium for me and medium well for hubby. (Hubby always disects his steak and devoured the whole thing!!!!) The Chocolate Wave dessert is amazing! Rich gooey inside i could eat one every night!

    That being said the bill for this lunch came to $104.99 including tip. If we were not on the dining plan I would have to say we just could not afford going there for lunch! But if you are on the dining plan I would hit it up! We ate at the Coral Reef twice on this vacation and had the exact same thing the last day we were there (we sat right next to the tank that day). Everything was wonderful and cooked perfectly again so i know it wasn't a fluke!

    Epcot Dinner Cantina de San Angel- Counter service

    Very busy but the lines seemed to move quickly. Many people were going into just a few lines but as we walked along we found the line all the way to the right empty. We both got a Plato Comginacion which was huge! It included a chicken taco, beef burrito, quesadilla, refried beans, salsa and some fried cheese thing which was delish.

    I would highly recommend this place and would go back again. The food was plentiful and very tasty. We had Churros for dessert and that was very tasty too.

    Day 3- MGM

    Snack- Soda

    Lunch- Backlot Express- Counter service

    After a full morning doing the rides we were starving and so glad that we followed the advice of dis'ers and tried the Backlot Express. We both had the double cheeseburger baskets, a sprite and a coke, and a chocolate bundt cake and the strawberry parfait. Backlot Express had the best burgers of the entire trip (and we had a lot of them!) Delish! I would totally eat here again.

    Dinner- Fantasmic Dinner Package at Hollywood & Vine- 6:30 reservations.

    We arrived at H&V at about 6:15 and were seated by 6:30. This buffet was very basic. Pot roast, mac n cheese, creamed corn bread (this stuff was awesome!), chicken, mashed potatoes (my honey loved them), veggies, carved flank steak, chicken nuggets and a dessert buffet of brownies, apple crisp, cookies and ice cream.

    This buffet was ok, but it was nice to have our own entrance to Fantasmic, but as other dis'ers suggested it didn't seem as if the package was needed (at least on the night we went). The show started and there was plenty of seating left. Great show though not to be missed!!!!!! If we went back again we would try eating somewhere else.

    Day 4- Animal Kingdom

    Snack- Soda, Soft Pretzel

    Lunch- counter service- Tusker House

    I had the 1/2 rotisserie chicken with garlic mashed and veggies, with a sprite and cheesecake. All was delish, I would eat there again for sure.
    Hubby had the fried chicken sandwich with fries, chocolate cake and a coke. He also enjoyed the meal and said that he would def eat there again.

    Dinner- Animal Kingdom Lodge- table service 5pm ADR's at Boma

    This was the other restaurant I was afraid of going to after reading reviews here but we were extremely pleased. This was the only other buffet that we went to on our vacation and it by far surpassed H&V. The spread for this buffet was amazing. I do agree with other posters that the food here was very spicy but it was so worth the experience. The lodge was beautiful!

    They carved up prime rib any way you liked it. I got a rare piece and it was awesome! We sampled a small bit of everything on that buffet which was part of the fun. Couscous salad, watermelon rind salad, africanized potatoes.

    Loved all of the desserts here the chocolate mousse, zebra domes, banana pudding it was all delish.

    We both thought that Boma's buffet was the bomb! We would def go back here again.

    Day 5- Magic Kingdom- counter service Pecos Bill

    We had just gotten off the Pirate's ride and were starving so we decided to stop to eat here.

    We both had the double bacon cheeseburger, fries, sprites and the peanut butter brownie mousse. This meal was good, I don't think that we would make it a point to go back here but we would eat here again.

    Snack- Pineapple Dole Whip Float and Rootbeer Float (both absolutely delish)

    Port Orleans Riverside- Boatwrigts 5pm ADR- table service

    I had the crab cakes for my appetizer, the sirloin steak, and the cheesecake for dessert.

    Honey had the shrimp cocktail, the sirloin steak and the chocolate cake.

    It was very convienent to eat at the resort after going back to the resort to relax from the park after lunch. If you are staying at POR I would highly recommend eating there. The meal was very good. If we were staying somewhere else I would try the resort restaurant at least once. I can't imagine being disappointed.

    Day 6- Epcot

    Snack - soda

    Lunch- Coral Reef again - $104.99 AGAIN!

    I got up this morning realizing that we had two table services left and we were leaving tomorrow so I called to see if there were any early openings for CR and there was one at 11:30, we'll take it. And as I said before we were not disappointed. This was our favorite restaurant of the trip and it would be on the top of our list for the next time we go!

    Dinner- Le Cellier- 5pm ressies $116.78 including tip! (Good thing we were on the dining plan this day! :cool1: )

    First let me say that there is soooo much food on this dining plan that after eating lunch we were not hungry but went anyways! I had the beef kabob for my appetizer which was the best piece of meat that I have had i think EVER in my entire lift. It was melt in your mouth perfect piece of meat!

    Honey had that cheese selection which was out of this world great!!! Blue cheese, a cheddar and the last was chevron (very rich). They were all great.

    For our entree I had the Mushoorm filet with risotto and he had the bbq filet. The meat again was cooked to perfection. :)

    Dessert here was awesome too. I had the chocolate "moose" and he had the maple creme brulee which he couldn't stop talking about. They also brought out a special "Congratulations" dessert for our honeymoon.

    The breads were ok but not as great as I thought that they were going to be, but we decided to order the most expensive appetizers instead of the soup. So maybe that was what was missing from the breadsticks! The kabob and cheese sampler was well worth missing the soup for though, we think!

    Day 7- We had 4 snacks left on the morning we were leaving and a counter service meal for the both of us. So I bought 4 chocolate covered rice krispy mouse treats to bring home for souveniers, and we each got a counter service breakfast with a biscuit, eggs and bacon which was much better than the dinner at the POR food court.

    We were extremely pleased with the dining plan and would definately get it again or watch for the free dining! There was sooooooo much food though, it was incredible.

    My tips would be:
    Plan your dinners late or lunches early because if they are too close you will be too stuffed to eat!!!!

    Have one person place and get the orders while the other person finds the seats. We saw tons of families in line doing the ordering together and then not finding seats any where. If you have an extra person who can go find a seat send them to do it or you may not get one!

    To really get your money's worth minimize the buffets and order the most expensive items on the menu that you normally wouldn't be able to get if you didn't have the plan! It was so nice not having to worry about how much we were spending.

    Sorry if this was too long but I wanted to post it all at once before I forgot anything! Let me know if anyone has any questions.
  2. 4shinystars

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    Feb 15, 2006
    Thanks for the great reviews!!
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  4. Rafikifan

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    May 19, 2001
    I enjoyed your reviews. Thanks. :thumbsup2
  5. DisneycrazedX6

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    Jan 29, 2005
    Great reviews!!! Congratulations on your marriage!!! I am so glad that you liked Coral Reef, I have been reall iffy about going there. We have the FREE dining plan scheduled for August and I can't wait. I have four kids and three are considered adults. I plan on maximizing the plan by having them share and save a credit for another meal. We are a party of 7 altogether and I can't imagine that we could eat 7 complete meals, we are thinking 5 at the most. Enjoy your new life together as husband and wife!!!!!
  6. Minniespal

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    Jan 14, 2003
    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
  7. PrincessPaczki

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    Apr 1, 2006
    I am glad to hear that you liked the CR. We are going there in Aug. and can't wait. Thanks for the review!
  8. loralie

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    May 10, 2005

    I have a question about CR. Since you went there twice...did the restaurant have a fishy smell to it? I wanted to try CR because I think my kids would get a kick out of seeing all the fish but neither my DH or I are fish eaters and would probably order the steak like you did. I don't mind eating steak at a fish place but I don't want everything in the place to smell like fish.


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    May 17, 2005
    Thanks for your reviews!
  10. littleladykaty

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    Mar 24, 2006
    Great Reviews!!! Congrats on your marriage!! I'm going on my honeymoon at the end of August...8 days at Disney and 8 days on cruise to St.Thomas/St.Maarten! I'm more excited about the Disney part let me tell you!! princess: :wizard:
  11. TigerKat

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    Apr 29, 2006
    Great reviews, Congrats on your marriage!!!! :sunny:
  12. Nasus

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    Apr 28, 2006
    Great reviews! We felt the same way about CR, we are going back in Sept. To the poster who asked about the smell...I don't remember it having a fishy smell at all. It has a beautiful view of the aquarium, but it is completely glassed in.
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    Aug 1, 2000
    Great reviews, thanks for sharing. And congratulations on your marriage! :bride: :groom:
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    Apr 28, 2001
    Great reviews thanks

    good idea to let us know which snack you choose each day
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    Aug 8, 2004
    Great reviews-Thanks!
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    Jul 8, 2003
    excellent post
  17. togatrackgirl

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    Apr 26, 2006

    I double checked with hubby just in case my nose was not working right those days, but hubby agreed that there was not a fishy smell at all. :thumbsup2 I hope you have a great time, and have at least one person in your party order the Chocolate Wave, it is the best!
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    Thanks for the great reviews!!!
  19. WAHMto5

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    Oct 3, 2005
    Great reviews, glad you had fun!!
  20. ciera321

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    Jan 9, 2004
    Enjoyed your reviews!!! I was glad to read that you liked Backlot in MGM. I read sooo many posts about how awful counter service is at MGM, and while good CS is limited there, Backlot Express is where we always eat. Burgers are real good and so is the grilled turkey sandwich!!! Glad someone else enjoyed it, too. :goodvibes
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    Enjoyed reading your reviews, and you've convinced me to try CR!

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