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Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by KarenNY, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. KarenNY

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    Aug 15, 1999
    Hello fellow adult and solo travelers,

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack?? – Is anyone out there interested in linking up with other adult or solo travelers? Well then you’ve come to the right place.

    Are you new to solo travel or a little nervous about going for a meal by yourself? This might just be a good way for some newer solo travelers to feel more comfortable going for a nice sit down dinner. This could give you one more thing to enjoy on your next trip to the world!!

    Are you comfortable alone but just think you might want some company or conversation for a meal or two? Maybe you’re just interested in meeting some other vacationers like yourself that travel either solo or without the kids. This could be the “E-ticket” for you.

    This isn’t just for solo travelers but for anyone on these boards, but certainly targeted for the adult or solo travelers. I just know that some solo travelers are a bit reluctant to dine alone so I’ve dwelled on them. I remember; I’m usually a solo and was very reluctant at first.

    Let others know of your interest, right here. Post your travel dates and specifically any dates that you might want to meet to share a meal or a snack. Please specify any preference for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. Let us know if you already have a Priority Seating somewhere that you wish to share, and the time.

    Maybe, if you would please, when you’ve confirmed plans with someone and are booked, edit your original reply here to let others know.

    So who is up for some company for a meal in February?
  2. cdntourguide

    cdntourguide DIS Veteran

    Nov 9, 2004
    I would certainly enjoy having company during my stay. I am at POP Feb 1-10 and AKL Feb 11-16.
    Currently have Fantasmic Dinner pkg Feb 3 and again Feb 13.
    Up for meet at anytime and any place.
    :cool1: :cool1:
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  4. JRawkSteady

    JRawkSteady Mousecessed DIS Veteran

    Dec 27, 2004
    My friend and I are staying from Feb. 10th - 16th. If anyone wants to come dine, we have PS for The Steakhouse in Canada for the 11th, 50s Prime-Time on the 12th, and Cinderella's Royal Table Princess Breakfast on the 14th. We'd love to meet some new people and just have some fun conversation. :)
  5. PrincessTrisha

    PrincessTrisha DIS Veteran

    Dec 10, 2004
    Bringing my mom and dad, Feb 9-15 (Le cellier 10th, Tea at grand floridian on 12th, Boma's 13th, Ohana's 14th)

    If anyone needs a little company, let me know.
  6. Maliki2

    Maliki2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 6, 2004
    We are going to be as ASSports from the 15th-20th. We have PS at Crystal Palace on the 16th (lunch), and 17th Prime Time Cafe (Lunch)
  7. rmb

    rmb Mouseketeer

    Apr 6, 2003
    I will be at Pop Century from 2/6 to 2/11 with my mom. We alway welcome anyone to join us at anytime .....also..... I am alway looking for someone to go to Pleasuure Island with (not into going club hopping with mom).


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