Dining at Citywalk...........???


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Jan 22, 2001
We stayed at the PBH last summer for a weekend and really didn't spend any time eating other than the pizza place at PB and a few fast food places scattered about the parks. We will be there for 4 full days this summer before heading to the beach and really have no clue where to eat. Does anyone have any suggestions, places that were great or that you would't step foot back into. I thought Margaritaville(spelling?) sounded fun. Any help???
In City walk there are a couple of places I would recommend.
NBA City- even if you're not a basketball fan the food is great and the prices are not bad. The theme is nice but not so over the top it's in your face. (I especially like the Blue Cheese Chicken Pasta and the fried berries dessert) Sunset Grille at Hard Rock Hotel- very nice. not too casual not too expensive. (the free range chicken with garlic mashed potatoes ... yummy)
Latin Quarter- unfortunately I can't really recommend things to eat because I can't remember how to spell them!
In the park Mythos is defiantly worth a stop in as well as Confisco's grill both are in Islands of Adventure. <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">
we thoguht margaritaville's food was crumby...and we were there for an hour and didnt get to see the volcano erupt...if you like jimmy buffet, its nice, if you dont, dont bother.....
We didn't like Margaritaville either. The burgers tasted microwaved! For a great meal, go to Mama Dellas. Not only is the food excellent, but they sing opera to you as well!

The only good thing at Margaritaville is the Nachos and shots...otherwise the food is not good at all. On the other hand you can get a pretty good meal at Emeril's (make your reservations well in advance...especially for dinner). You can get and outstanding meal at the Latin Quarter. The food at Pat O'Brien's is very good (so is the atmosphere). NBA City is ok. Inside Islands of Adventure Mythos is very good and Confisco's is a great place to grab a bite and see the characters.

Have a great trip! :)


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