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    Apr 30, 2001
    It's been a long time since I've written on these boards, and now I have a new dilemma. I recently got engaged, and my fiance and I are planning on an intimate wedding at WDW next may. There will be 8 at the wedding and reception (the max for the intimate meddings), and about 15 total on the whole trip. I called the phone number about weddings at WDW and all I got was a little book sent to me that didn't say anything at all that wasn't on the internet already. I 'm feeling alittle overwealmed, and I'm wondering what my next best step would be. I'm trying to balance budget with desire, and I definately need someone from Disney to help me out (the prices of the hotels, the choices for pictures, etc). It's just under a year away, and I can't be flexible with the date so I really need to get moving now before the date fills up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Join the Disneymooners group, or at least peruse their resource website:
    Prolly the most comprehensive site/group consiting of people currently planning weddings, people remotely considering weddings and peopel who have long since had their wedding at Disney.
    May is a very popular time for Disney Weddings, so the faster you can move, the better.
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    I also started feeling a great deal of stress when our event was a year away and I didn't know how I was going to manage all the planning aspects. From my experience I would say relax. They coordinators are so efficient and since there aren't outside vendors having things done "on time" is not an issue like you read about in the magazines. We did the bulk of the planning about 6-8 months before our date, and were sent a folder that had EVERYTHING we needed to know about the choices available, what the costs for the choices would be, and samples to help us make our selections. I realize it makes it harder to plan in advance for any spending but we just tried to save everything we could. As for the hotels, your planner will block rooms for you, so you won't have to worry about having space at your preferred hotel. Best wishes to you... If there are any specifics I can help with I'd be glad to, and the web site noted on the prior post has a lot of information too.
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    Hi! Since you are within your 12 month mark, you can book the intimate package now. You should call up FTW and let them know that you need an intimate Sales Manager to speak with. Our SM was Donna Jarrett, and she was pretty helpful. If you have a definite date set, you should have them hold this date for you, otherwise, you might find yourself having to change dates or wedding locations.
    And the intimate wedding package is for 8 guests, but you can add 5 guests on, for an additional $500 fee, for a total of 13 guests + bride and groom. Just an FYI :)
    After you get your date, I would definitely second the recommendation to join the Disneymooners list.
    Heather P

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